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Quite simply, we understand the challenges that banking firms face in monitoring and managing liquidity without instant, real-time insight, and the pressure they face from regulators and senior stakeholders to gain intraday control over their cash and liquidity.

Our team is made up of banking and treasury experts that have vast experience working in the very same types of organisations that use our software.

We work with these institutions to help them move to a world of real-time cash and liquidity management. Gaining intraday control is a requirement for banks all over the world, to not only manage risks, but also to save money, and we provide the tools to upgrade cash and liquidity management from an end of day to an intraday capability.

CSR Policy

As an organisation we take our Corporate and Social Responsibility (CSR) very seriously. We recognise that CSR is fundamental in the way we do business. Through our day-to-day activities we continue to remain aware of the needs of our employees, customers, suppliers, community and the environment. 

We believe that to be successful and provide the very best service to our customers we must work to the highest standards of professionalism and adopt values and beliefs which allow us to reach high levels of performance whilst maintaining honesty, integrity and professionalism in all our business activities.

As part of our CSR strategy, we have devised an ESG framework that has seen us implement many initiatives to reduce our carbon footprint, decrease energy consumption, improve efficiencies across our supply chain and increase employee satisfaction. As evidence of this, we have been awarded a Silver rating by EcoVadis, the world’s most trusted provider of business sustainability ratings, placing us in the top 10% in our category. This recognition provides us with a foundation to build upon these initiatives and deliver on our sustainability commitments across every aspect of the organisation and to all of our stakeholders.

What makes us stand out?

We have made it our mission to become the number one real-time cash and liquidity management software vendor in the world.

Something which is backed up by our numerous awards and our growing customer base of firms across the globe. We are the only vendor in the treasury software space that offers true, real-time, instant insight across cash and securities at any point during the day.



Come join us!

We have experienced significant growth in recent years, and as we continue to grow, we are always looking for the right people to join the Planixs team. If you want to join the number one RegTech across the US, UK and Europe, check out our vacancies page.


Leading-edge innovation recognised worldwide

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What do our customers say?

“We are delighted to have selected Planixs’ Realiti Suite to improve our regulatory reporting capabilities and to manage our cash and liquidity in real-time. We assessed the full solution market and selected Realiti as the best solution to meet our global needs. We are looking forward to working with the Planixs team and building a long and successful relationship whilst experiencing all the benefits that Realiti offers.”

Kornelie-Reiner Steinbach
Director – Head of Liquidity Management

What do our customers say?

“We are very excited about deploying Realiti and experiencing the benefits across our liquidity management processes. Furthermore, we are really pleased to have found a strategic partner in Planixs that we can work with to transform our treasury operations.”

Ross Morgan
Head of Department, CFO Division Treasury Middle Office & Operations

What do our customers say?

“We are very happy to have selected Planixs’ Realiti software as the solution for our real-time treasury transformation. After assessing options available in the market, we decided that Realiti was the right solution to meet our needs and provide us with true, real-time insight. This will translate into increased efficiencies in treasury which ultimately translates to increased efficiency across our retail and wholesale customer base. We look forward to a long-term relationship with Planixs.”

Brendan Bane
Head of Treasury

What do our customers say?

“We are delighted to have selected Planixs’ Realiti Suite as our future solution for BCBS 248 regulatory reporting and to manage our cash and liquidity in real-time. We assessed the full solution market and selected Realiti as it is the best solution to meet our functional and performance needs and we look forward to a rapid implementation based on their latest product offerings.”

Thierry Nardon
Head of Treasury

What do our customers say?

“We are delighted to have selected Planixs’ Realiti Suite to support BCBS 248 regulatory reporting requirements and to manage our cash and liquidity in real-time. When assessing the application vendor market, Planixs’ Realiti software stood out by far as the best solution to meet our needs. We look forward to working with Planixs and improving our liquidity management capabilities.”

Jérôme Benoit
Head of Products & Markets Business Support

What do our customers say?

“Realiti software represented an effective one-stop solution to the gathering of transactional data across both clearing and correspondent banks to meet the upcoming intraday liquidity reporting requirements.”

Head of Operations

What do our customers say?

“Realiti has provided us with enormous benefits across our liquidity management processes over the last five years. We are excited to extend the functionality of the platform even further with the Real-Time Reconciliation module. We look forward to improving our reconciliation and matching abilities.”

Antonio Gutierrez

What do our customers say?

“Realiti is the only proven provider in this banking liquidity space. Realiti aggressively fends off regulators and also drives a strong business value contribution.”

Edward Medeiros
Managing Director, Group Liquidity & Global Cash Management

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