Bank with legacy systems headache, reduces costs and streamlines processes

A “Big Four” commercial bank faced significant challenges in managing funding and liquidity due to manual cash forecasting and outdated technology. This was posing risks to operational efficiency, regulatory compliance, and financial performance.

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The treasury team could not generate real-time account balances and relied on highly manual processes. The regulator’s strict requirements compounded these challenges, necessitating the automation of liquidity metrics through strategic reporting.

The bank needed a solution capable of measuring expected daily gross liquidity inflows and outflows, monitoring intraday liquidity positions, acquiring intraday funding, managing liquidity outflows, and reporting real-time data. Automation, reliability, and the ability to quickly respond to unexpected disruptions were essential.

The solution

Planixs seamlessly integrated Realiti with the bank’s technical architecture including Calypso, Flexcube, Exact, and Legacy Home-built applications. SEPA LAC Settlement Cycle figures were consolidated into Realiti to provide a single view of cash and securities in real-time.

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Measurable benefits

The bank experienced substantial improvements in its liquidity management function after implementing capabilities from the Realiti suite. These include reduced costs, elimination of manual processes, real-time identification of liquidity usage across accounts, enhanced analysis of forecasts and liquidity usage, and reduced manual effort leading to potential Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) savings or redeployment.

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