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Cloud Computing and SaaS

With a cloud infrastructure you have flexibility and scale like never before. Under and over provisioning should no longer force restrictions on your capabilities, with our technology you have boundless potential.

Planixs software is optimised ground-up specifically for cloud computing. Cloud computing has revolutionised how planning, analytics and optimisation of big data enhances decision making at pace. Our on demand applications unlock business potential previously unachievable without significant capital investment in hardware and software.

The Benefits of Realiti®
Rapid and Low-Risk Deployment

Traditional software require installation and infrastructure deployment, which can take many months. SaaS solutions can be rolled out in a fraction of the time, all you need is a web browser & internet access, and you’re ready to go!

Business Value

Due to the monthly subscription model of SaaS the supplier must consistently deliver business value every day or the subscription would be turned off. This is a critical difference between one-off traditional software purchases versus the SaaS model.

Big Data Delivered at Scale

SaaS applications delivered on a cloud computing infrastructure can support big data requirements with massive scale. Being able to rapidly increase computing capacity automatically means consistent performance and never missing out on peak demand.

Zero Infrastructure

When delivering business applications via SaaS, the complexity of the underlying IT infrastructure is handled by your provider. Users do not have to worry about infrastructure, support or maintenance needs, we take care of all of this through our 24×7 coverage model.

Holistic IT Delivery and Ownership

All the components required to deliver the SaaS sit in one place with accountability sat with the supplier. Traditional software approaches require multiple third parties delivering and supporting through the lifecycle of the solution. There is “one throat to choke”.


Applications deployed on the cloud are typically procured at a fraction of the cost of traditional packages. With no costly upfront charge or maintenance, just a monthly fee, (inclusive of software, support, hosting, upgrades and maintenance) capital can be used for other critical projects.

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