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Dimitri Pavlovits

Tech Lead

1. Tell us a bit about yourself

My name is Dimitri, I'm from Estonia and I've been working in Planixs over 2 years. I've been in Testing role for over 6 years now, working mainly for FinTech companies. I moved to UK 8 years ago and I'm really enjoying living here.

2. What's the best part about working here?

The people, everybody is very friendly and approachable. We're all busy people, but there's always time for quick chat or banter. We have various social event, for example every month our CEO does a stand up talking about what he's been up to in past month, after which whole company goes out for after work social drinks.

3. Things you like about your role?

My team. When I started my role as Test lead I only had one team member, now we've grown to team of 6 and continue growing. We like to do different team activities and make sure every team member feels inclusive.

I also like the career progression possibilities in Planixs. Planixs has personal development plans to ensure each person has fair change to learn new things and progression career and on personal level.

4. Out of work interests?

I'm very keen traveler, I enjoy exploring around different countries and learn local customs. I love driving around UK in fact I've almost driven all the way around the UK, just one more area to go. I spend my most weekends hiking around Lake or Peak district, when weather's bad then I do enjoy good gaming session or a movie.

5. One tip for new peeps

Don't be afraid to ask questions, we usually do not bite, if we do it's because we've not been fed yet.

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