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Webinar: How Treasuries Need to Prepare for the Imminent Arrival of Real-Time

Download this exclusive webinar to learn how to get ahead with real-time treasury solutions.

The revolution in real-time financial processing has been spreading across the globe and the US financial industry will see significant advances into a real-time world in the next few years. The old world of end-of-day, batch processing with fragmented data distributed across the organization will not support the demands of real-time. Leading organizations are already addressing real-time through rich intraday insight, consolidated data and instant analytics - turning Treasuries into efficient, compliant and benefit delivering functions.

In this webinar we explore practical experiences from operating in a real-time treasury world and discuss the implementation challenges in moving to real-time including:

  • Upcoming changes to US & Canadian financial environments in the area of real-time;
  • Experiences from territories around the world that have implemented real-time architectures;
  • The challenges of sourcing and managing real-time data;
  • The technology required to deliver an infrastructure that works intraday rather than end-of-day.
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