Realiti® delivers regulatory compliance and provides the insight to manage intraday liquidity.

Realiti® uses existing messages flowing around the financial system and needs no integration to operational systems.  With Realiti®, you can manage your intraday liquidity positions in real-time and comply with the BCBS248 monitoring regime.

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The Benefits of Realiti®

Analytical Power

Realiti® processes millions of transactions per day and turns data into a valuable asset.

Comprehensive Coverage

Coverage across a bank’s entire operations, all settlement accounts across the globe.

Hassle-free integration

Realiti® sources its data from message gateways rather than operational systems.

Real-time operation

Live insight into operational funding, cash and liquidity management activities.

Key Features

Grid Views

Showing relevant transactions when drilling into areas of interest.

Unique liquidity usage insight

Net together accounts and can set intraday liquidity buffers, in a robust and defendable manner.

Business-focused configurations

Summarise data at any level, providing filtering and drill-down into any combination of the bank’s operations and networks.

Graphical Insight

Extensive charting at minute by minute level and across months of historical data.

Regulatory Reporting

Regulatory reporting provides reporting configured to comply with the BCBS agenda on Intraday Monitoring.

Dashboard Views

Dashboard views provide configurable subsets of all other charts, filtered to relevant values.


Alerting allows users to configure alerts that trigger in real time e.g. when a running balance has exceeded a set value.


Exporting is available to allow further analysis and data sharing across the organisation.

Stress Modelling and Analytics

Stress modelling and analytics enables the growing intraday dataset in Realiti® to become more and more powerful as a base for further insight.

Sophisticated User Security

Sophisticated user security with role profiling provides users with data access appropriate to their position and responsibilities in the bank.

End of Day Projections

End of Day Projections are built from external cashflow and ledger information imported into Realiti®, enabling comparisons between forecast and actual intraday positions.

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