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Planixs Expands its Support of UK-Based Charities

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LONDON, NEW YORK, SINGAPORE 17th September 2019.

Planixs, the market-leading provider of real-time treasury software to the global financial services industry, has expanded its support of UK-based charities by selecting Coffee4Craig, the Manchester-based homelessness charity, as one of its nominated charities.

The Fintech company will be rolling out a series of new fundraising events over the next 12-months to contribute towards its supported charities including Coffee4Craig. This will provide much-needed funding for the charity and help raise awareness of homelessness in Manchester – and what can be done to help tackle the rising rates of people living on the streets.

This follows a recent visit from Coffee4Craig’s founder, Risha Lancaster, to Planixs’ Manchester office to provide an overview of the charity, its background and what initiatives it has launched in order to help improve the lives of Manchester’s homeless.

Coffee4Craig was set up in 2013, after Risha’s brother Craig passed away on the streets in his hometown of Cardiff, following years of mental health problems.

Wanting to do something in his memory, Risha began handing out coffees to the homeless in Greater Manchester and South Wales. After realising there was a much bigger need, she launched Coffee4Craig - which has since gone on to run a seven-day drop-in support centre that provides housing support, advice, hot food, showers, and lots of coffee to those living on the streets of Manchester.

Manchester’s homelessness rates have continued to rise over the years – with rough sleeping counts in the city rising from seven people in 2010 to 123 people in 2018. Although there are 28 official charities working within the homeless sector in Manchester, there is still much-needed support and fundraising to be done to help reduce the crisis.

As part of its commitment to support Coffee4Craig, Planixs recently held an internal fundraising event that raised vital funds for the charity – which was then doubled by Planixs.

Neville Roberts, Planixs’ CEO, comments: “As the home of Planixs, and a large number of Planixs’ staff members, Manchester is an important part of our foundation. We recognise the increase of homelessness on the streets of Manchester and feel it’s imperative that we support Coffee4Craig in helping those living on the streets and in their efforts to reduce homelessness in Manchester.”

“We are thrilled that Planixs will be supporting Coffee4Craig. Homelessness in Manchester is on the rise, and anything we can do to help raise awareness of the issue and reduce the poverty in the city, all contributes to our long-term goal of ending homelessness.” – added Risha Lancaster, founder of Coffee4Craig.

If you would like to support Coffee4Craig – whether that be donating your time or everyday essentials to the charity, please visit:


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