Europe Arab Bank goes live with Realiti®

Europe Arab Bank goes live with Realiti®

Planixs, the market leading provider of Intraday Liquidity Management Solutions, today announced that Europe Arab Bank (EAB) has gone live with the latest release of Realiti®, Planixs’ real time intraday liquidity platform, to meet the voluntary PRA Intraday Liquidity reporting requirements.

Europe Arab Bank said “We are pleased with Realiti®, which was quickly rolled out, extends to our direct clearing activity in the Euro, and has enabled us to comply with the voluntary PRA Intraday Liquidity reporting requirements.”

“We are delighted with the rapid implementation of Realiti® at EAB,” said Neville Roberts, CEO of Planixs. “Once again we have shown how we can solve the challenges of Intraday Liquidity Reporting for banks of all sizes.”

Planixs’ patented Realiti® solution is the only available real-time Intraday Liquidity product with live implementations in the industry today. It can be deployed rapidly across any IT infrastructure due to its unique architecture, which reduces complexity and enables rapid speed to value. In real-time, Realiti® consolidates incoming cashflows to ensure a bank has an accurate, up-to-date picture of cash balances across its complex range of settlement accounts and is able to monitor liquidity usage every minute of every day.

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