Europe Arab Bank selects Planixs Realiti®

Europe Arab Bank selects Planixs Realiti®

Europe Arab Bank has selected Planixs Realiti® software to deliver regulatory compliance in line with the Basel committee’s BCBS248 intraday monitoring regime, optimise intraday liquidity management, reduce risk and improve operational control.

In real-time, Realiti® consolidates all cashflows ensuring the bank has an accurate up-to-date picture of cash balances across its range of settlement accounts, comparing projections to actual external balances and is able to control liquidity usage every minute of every day.

“When evaluating the various solutions and vendors in the market, Europe Arab Bank found that the Planixs team and their Realiti® software represented an effective one-stop solution to the gathering of transactional data across both clearing and correspondent banks to meet the upcoming intraday liquidity reporting requirements. Through the successful implementation of the Realiti® solution, Europe Arab Bank aims to gain full visibility of Swift and Target 2 messages in a single view, enabling us to gain greater visibility of our intraday liquidity positions and risk at a currency level.”

“Europe Arab Bank evaluated a number of solutions, and we are thrilled to be selected as their solution provider of choice for an important regulatory matter for the bank as well as driving business benefit. We look forward to our continuing relationship with Europe Arab Bank in all matters relating to their intraday liquidity requirements.” said Neville Roberts, CEO of Planixs. “All our banking customers have a slightly different complexity and size, and I am delighted that we once again demonstrate the flexibility of our solution capability giving Europe Arab Bank an ideal fit for them.”

Planixs Realiti® solution is the most accurate and effective Intraday Liquidity solution in the industry today. It’s uniquely high performing and scalable architecture means that it can be rapidly deployed across any IT infrastructure, reducing complexity and enabling rapid speed to value. It systematically, and without intrusion, reads transactions across a bank’s correspondents and clearing bank networks in real time providing comprehensive coverage of required liquidity functions.

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About Planixs : Planixs is a leading provider of Big Data analytical software solutions across multiple industries including Financial Services, Retail and HR/Workforce. Planixs solutions deliver high value business benefit using our advanced technology platform Graphite. Planixs has developed a suite of Financial Services solutions focusing on intraday liquidity management and compliance which are used by some of the world’s largest banks.

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