FBN Bank (UK) Ltd Extends its Real-Time Liquidity Management Platform to Improve Reconciliation Capabilities

FBN Bank (UK) Ltd Extends its Real-Time Liquidity Management Platform to Improve Reconciliation Capabilities

FBN Bank (UK) Ltd, a long-time customer of treasury software leader, Planixs, is to extend the functionality of Planixs’ real-time cash and liquidity management solution, Realiti®, by implementing its Real-Time Reconciliation module to improve reconciliation capabilities.

Through its Realiti software, Planixs provides banking firms with the ability to gain real-time visibility across all cash, collateral and liquidity at any point during the day, allowing firms to use this insight to improve treasury operations, better manage liquidity risk, reduce overdraft and liquidity buffer costs and ensure regulatory compliance.

FBN is a long-standing Planixs customer, having selected Realiti as a hosted solution in March 2016 to improve its intraday liquidity management capabilities and to comply with the Basel Committee’s BCBS 248 intraday monitoring requirements. FBN recently renewed its contract with Planixs after experiencing significant benefits and cost-savings with the platform.

Originally opting for the Intraday Liquidity Management and Regulatory Reporting modules, FBN will now add the Real-Time Reconciliation module to the platform for automated real-time matching.

Real-Time Reconciliation links external confirmations from account providers with internal projected ledger bookings. The module enables timely awareness of the progress of settlement activity to support funding processes and delivers enhanced insight on the drivers of liquidity usage. Real-Time Reconciliation enables ledger to external matching and external to ledger matching, plus ledger to ledger and external to external matching to optimise the accuracy of Realiti’s data sets. Both automatic and manual matching is provided to ensure end-users have the ability to refine the match population, matching and unmatching as required.

Antonio Gutierrez, COO, at FBN comments: “Realiti has provided us with enormous benefits across our liquidity management processes over the last five years. We are excited to extend the functionality of the platform even further with the Real-Time Reconciliation module. We look forward to improving our reconciliation and matching abilities.”

Neville Roberts, CEO at Planixs, adds: “We are delighted that FBN is adding to its liquidity management toolset with our Real-Time Reconciliation module. One of the key benefits of our Realiti solution is that being a modular platform, banking firms can add additional modules to gain increased functionality as required. We look forward to implementing Real-Time Reconciliation and providing FBN with even greater real-time insight across its external and internal transactions.”

Realiti continues to be the pioneering real-time intraday cash, collateral and liquidity management solution with live implementations at global scale. Its SaaS or on premise delivery models and high performance and scalable architecture mean that Realiti can be deployed with minimal intrusion to a bank’s infrastructure, rapidly delivering business value.

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