Infor and Planixs Partner to Offer Banking and HCM Solutions in the Cloud

Infor and Planixs Partner to Offer Banking and HCM Solutions in the Cloud

Press Release – Leading Technology Providers Collaborate to Deliver Extended Software Capabilities to Customers

NEW YORK – Sep. 13, 2017 – Infor, a leading provider of beautiful business applications specialized by industry and built for the cloud, today announced a new global technology partnership with Planixs to extend capabilities for human capital and financial management. Via this collaboration, customers will have access to extended real-time solutions that support compliance with the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision (BCBS 248) intraday reporting regime, and drive business benefits in the areas of intraday cash management, funding and liquidity risk. Infor is also able to extend the footprint of Infor CloudSuite HCM by integrating new strategic workforce planning applications from Planixs, aligning an organization’s workforce to current strategies, while keeping business, regulatory, organizational and financial requirements at the forefront.

Infor’s industry-specific CloudSuite solutions help organizations simplify complex deployments and efficiently manage the diverse needs of a business with high-value extension applications and industry-driven solutions that work together beautifully.

“Organizations operating in the financial services industry need to optimize strategies, quickly support global growth and expansion, and have the technology infrastructure in place to take advantage of new markets, all while staying compliant in a heavily regulated environment,” said Neville Roberts, CEO, Planixs. “Planixs and Infor understand this need, and we incorporated Infor technology into our software solutions from the start to leverage the company’s investment and laser focus on cloud, analytics, data science, and self-service. We are excited to extend our working relationship with an industry leader like Infor, and be able to drive additional value for our joint customers.”

Specific to the Banking industry, Planixs’ Realiti® application is an intraday cash and liquidity management product suite that enables banks to manage their cash, collateral and liquidity on a real-time basis, and helps users reduce operational risk and regulatory compliance. Users also benefit from modules such as Intraday Liquidity Management (ILM), which provides comprehensive visibility of a firm’s settlement activity across all its direct and indirect accounts, Regulatory Reporting (RR) to support compliance with global regulatory monitoring and reporting guidelines and regimes that encompass intraday activity (including BCBS 248), Payments Monitoring (PM) to deliver insight into the lifecycle for outgoing payments from the organization, and Funding & Forecasting (F&F) which consumes cash flow projections from a firm’s internal systems, provides a manual adjustment capability and delivers detailed analytics and forecasts of end of day projections for all accounts.

For Human Capital Management, Planixs’ complementary products include an Enterprise Workforce (EW) solution that enables clients to set strategic workforce goals across the complex organizational structures that exist, and use historical data to calculate and optimize the total business headcount based on headcount actions that need to be taken. This brings clarity to the planning and forecasting of headcount and enables business leaders to make decisions, fully informed by the financial implications of their actions, wherever they sit across the organization. In addition, Operational Workforce (OW) solutions allow organizations to maintain a view of supply and demand activity across a business. This allows business units to have the clarity of planning and forecasting supply and demand at the operational level, enabling them to quickly make resourcing decisions based on the demands on the business.

“There is a clear synergy between Infor and Planixs, and our focus on cloud and the possibilities of using big data and analytics to transform companies are hallmarks of both organizations,” said Stewart Applbaum, executive vice president, Infor. “The solutions suites from Planixs are very complementary to our existing Infor CloudSuite products, and this new partnership allows us to expand the footprint of leading technology solutions our customers can implement, ensuring that they remain agile and modern.”

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