Manchester: the “only logical location” to grow a FinTech outside London

Manchester: the “only logical location” to grow a FinTech outside London

Following an event during UK FinTech week, one key discussion focused on the growing opportunity to the FinTech market in the Manchester region.

As recent Sunday Times winners of the leading UK Enterprise FinTech and the leading North West Technology company awards, Planixs are immensely proud to be head quartered in Manchester, UK. Our product offering of real time cash and liquidity management software has meant a market focus on banks across the key financial districts in the world. Undeniably London had formed the biggest target customer market in our early stages of development but the buzz around Manchester and the developing FinTech industry is unprecedented.

There is great access to talent, advanced technology, better funding opportunities and fantastic working environments. We did not feel in any way at a disadvantage to other technology companies based in London, in fact the opposite. We are at the forefront of this developing Northern FinTech market and are delighted to be a part of it. To find out more please see the article

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