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Planixs Announces the Launch of its new Strategic Reporting Module at its Global Customer Forum


Planixs, the leading provider of real-time, intraday cash, collateral and liquidity management solutions, today announced the launch of the Strategic Reporting Module as part of its Realiti® suite. The new module will open up Realiti’s comprehensive dataset to all customer queries, maximising the value of the strategic treasury data resource that accumulates in Realiti every minute of the day.

The Realiti solution allows financial organisations to consolidate millions of cashflows per hour, in real time, to ensure they have an accurate, up-to-date picture of cash balances across their settlement accounts, comparing projections to actual external balances, and are able to control liquidity requirements and usage in real time. The Strategic Reporting Module will sit alongside the existing rich set of real-time capabilities to enable customers to gain insight and run reports against the entire dataset of Realiti from the lowest level transactions to whole entity level aggregations. This capability will provide customers with the most advanced reporting capability in the market.

The Strategic Reporting Module will provide customers with significant flexibility to support their reporting needs. Customers will be able to combine existing reports provided within the Realiti module suite with user-specific reports built within the Strategic Reporting Module. Alternatively, customers can subscribe to Planixs’ Reporting as a Service (RaaS) capability which will satisfy all customer reporting needs through a subscription model.

Neville Roberts, Planixs CEO said, “Realiti’s real time capabilities are core to our market leading capabilities and provide a very rich set of data across the firm’s range of accounts. Opening up this entire dataset for customers to gather insight and report on will catapult the Realiti proposition into a different league when compared with any other Fintech in the Treasury and Operational/Risk space. Any question can now be asked of the data and the full power of AI and machine learning can be brought to bear by the customer directly or by Planixs acting on this data through a subscription model.”

Realiti continues to be the pioneering intraday cash, collateral and liquidity management solution with live implementations at global scale. Its SaaS or on premise delivery models and high performance and scalable architecture mean that Realiti can be deployed with minimal intrusion to a bank’s infrastructure, rapidly delivering business value.

Planixs was recently awarded the RegTech of the Year accolade in the US FinTech Awards 2021, which recognises the company as a leader in the US RegTech space and Realiti as the most innovative regulatory solution in the US market.

To find out more about our Strategic Reporting Module and how your firm can start benefitting from advanced reporting capabilities, contact us today.

About Planixs:

Planixs provides cloud-enabled solutions that power any treasury in any industry to become real time with instant insight, rapid analytics, intraday control and agile liquidity. Realiti from Planixs is a complete suite of modules built to deliver instantaneous insight over vast data volumes with devotees across funding, liquidity, compliance, risk and beyond. Realiti Essentials provide smaller banking firms with out-of-the-box treasury software to control intraday liquidity risk and deliver regulatory compliance, without needing to invest in an enterprise liquidity solution.

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