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Realiti® reaches record performance benchmark


Planixs today announces record performance benchmark statistics for its Realiti® real-time intraday liquidity management software.

Planixs’ Realiti® solution delivers real-time cash management and intraday liquidity management capability to the world’s largest banks. The latest release of Realiti®, v5.02, has set new performance benchmark records for financial institutions.

Running on a single instance of the AWS Private Cloud, Realiti processed external SWIFT messages and internal cashflow projections in real time at volumes of over 100m/hour. Processing included load, cleanse, compute/translate, aggregation and presentation of data with users simultaneously querying the Realiti® front-end.

Realiti® runs on the Planixs Graphite technology and using its Ultra Scale Architecture can scale in three dimensions to account for bank size, volume of transactions and user demand:

Vertically: Realiti® shows near linear performance when scaling physical servers into a single virtual server.

Horizontally: Realiti’s® in-built horizontal scaling function allows data partitioning across multiple compute nodes to allow true parallel compute of data load, compute and user query.

User Scaling: Realiti’s® built in replication services provide unlimited user access growth through partitioning user processing across multiple compute nodes.

  • End user response times versus volume of transaction load
  • Real time performance
  • AWS hosted

“Our highly performing and scalable technology platform, Graphite, allows us to set new benchmark records for performance with this type of complex processing.” said Neville Roberts, CEO of Planixs. “Acquiring and analysing data at these speeds allows the end user to focus on using intraday insight in real-time. In addition, our built-in advanced analytics and machine learning capabilities is changing the ‘art of the possible’ for analytics within the banking industry.”

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