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Top 10 Global Bank selects Planixs’ Realiti® solution to deliver intraday liquidity management and BCBS248 regulatory compliance

LONDON, NEW YORK, SINGAPORE 21st January 2015.

Planixs today announced that a Top 10 Global Bank has recently selected Planixs’ Realiti® software for its next generation intra-day liquidity platform. The bank will use Realiti® across its entire global operations to improve intra-day liquidity management capabilities and to deliver BCBS248 regulatory compliance in time for the UK PRA’s July 2015 deadline.

In real-time, Realiti® consolidates millions of cashflows per hour to ensure the bank has an accurate up-to-date picture of cash balances across its range of settlement accounts, comparing projections to actual external balances and is able to control liquidity usage every minute of every day.

“Our client conducted a rigorous evaluation and we are delighted to be selected as their solution of choice and look forward to our future relationship”

The bank wanted to lead by example and demonstrate their commitment to world class intraday liquidity management at all levels by implementing what the bank considers is the industry’s leading technology solution in its field. The global nature of its business means it needs to have a holistic view of intraday activities across many currencies and legal entities with the ability to measure, project and control the full spectrum of intraday liquidity risk.

“Our client conducted a rigorous evaluation and we are delighted to be selected as their solution of choice and look forward to our ongoing relationship with them. With the impending regulatory deadlines in 2015 all banks needs to address intra-day liquidity and this deal has ratified our solution as the clear leader in the market ” said Neville Roberts, CEO of Planixs. Planixs’ patented Realiti® solution is the most accurate and effective intraday liquidity solution in the industry today. Its uniquely high performing and scalable architecture means that it can be rapidly deployed across any IT infrastructure, reducing complexity and enabling rapid speed to value. It systematically, and without intrusion, loads transactions across a bank’s network of correspondent and clearing system accounts in real time providing comprehensive coverage of required liquidity functions.

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