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Modular treasury management software to help large banking firms gain real-time liquidity control and ensure regulatory compliance.

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Gain Intraday Control

Optimise cash, collateral and liquidity in real-time

Securing intraday control is critical to running an efficient and compliant business. True intraday control is achieved when a firm can monitor its actual account activity, compare this to expected activity and manage any discrepancies and risks that arise: in real-time, every minute of every day. Realiti®'s suite of insight and analytics modules are proven to capture, control and optimise a firm’s intraday cash, collateral and liquidity positions in real time.

Realiti® is designed and architected to continually process very high data volumes and provide instant visibility demanded by an organisation's various user communities, Realiti delivers both intraday control and regulatory compliance to large banking firms and financial services organisations.

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Key Features

Ultra-high performance – multi-millions of transactions per hour; real-time user views of cash, collateral and liquidity
Predictive analytics and machine learning
Extract, transform, load (ETL) provided to consume any transactional message type
Real-time auto matching approaching 100%
Rapid deployment; go live in weeks not months or years.

Realiti® - The Intraday Control suite

Intraday Liquidity Management

Balances, turnover and transactions stored, aggregated and analysed. Real-time intraday insight with early warning indicators and alerts.

Funding & Forecasting

Cash flow projections analysed and aggregated into end of day projections. Cash ladders, manual adjustments and sweeping. Single combined view of real-time actual and projected activity.

Regulatory Reporting

Compliance with global regulatory reporting regimes for intraday liquidity. Highly flexible and regularly refreshed.

Intraday Stress Modelling

Analytics applied across rich data history in Realti databases. "What-if" analysis applied to granular transaction data. Payments/receipts/credit lines/posted collateral modified to model impact of intraday stresses.

Intraday Reconciliation

Real-time auto matching links actual settlements with projected bookings. Funding becomes exception based. Drivers of liquidity usage become clearer: counterparties, clients, products, books.

Intraday Balance Forecasting

Machine learning uses historical transactions to predict settlement times and probability of failure. Intraday forecasts provide early warning of issues and peaks in intraday liquidity usage.

Payment Control

Delivers insight into payment processing. Provides monitoring of status and flow rates of outgoing payments. Enables control and throttling of payments.

Collateral Management

Extends intraday model for cash into securities. Provides forecast and actual intraday positions of securities held in depots. Delivers position management and cash-equivalent balances, including impact of haircuts.

Vostro Management

Monitors and manages intraday activity across client accounts. Client behaviour and use of credit identified. Impact of clients on the firm’s liquidity usage understood.


By using Realiti there are multiple benefits you and your customers will receive.

  • $millions savings on intraday liquidity buffer costs
  • Intraday liquidity usage optimised and correctly allocated
  • Operational risk controlled and mitigated
  • End of day funding more accurate and efficient
  • Regulatory compliance assured
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