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Realiti® Essentials

Out-of-the-box treasury software for smaller banks, controlling intraday liquidity risk and delivering regulatory compliance.

Regulatory compliance for small banks and building societies

Regulatory Compliance with Intraday Insight

Realiti Essentials has been designed to provide smaller firms with intraday insight into their liquidity positions and satisfy intraday liquidity regulatory reporting requirements, including BCBS 248, ECB ILAAP and UK PRA.

Realiti Essentials also provides intraday liquidity control and stress modelling capabilities so firms can reduce operational liquidity buffers and meet the demands of their local regulator, without the need to invest in full-scale treasury management solutions.

Improved Liquidity Control

With Realiti Essentials, firms of even the smallest size can obtain improved control of their intraday liquidity and the ability to analyse and plan for stress scenarios, whilst ensuring regulatory compliance, at low cost.

Realiti Essentials delivers out-of-the-box functionality, provided in a SaaS delivery model, which can be implemented in four weeks.

Regulatory Compliance for Small Banks and Building Societies 2
Smaller banks treasury and intraday liquidity risk management

Cost Savings

The large, complex banks need the most granular views of intraday liquidity in real time, which typically require thousands of SWIFT messages to be delivered and consumed every minute of the day. Realiti Essentials provides an alternative solution for smaller banks that consider this approach to be overly complicated and prohibitively expensive.

Realiti Essentials uses alternative SWIFT message types, which massively reduces message volumes and associated costs.

Cloud-hosted for Rapid Deployment

In addition, as Realiti Essentials is a cloud-hosted solution there is no impact on the bank's existing IT infrastructure meaning rapid deployment and minimal cost.

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Treasury software for smaller banks brochure cover

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Realiti Essentials

Intraday Liquidity Management

Balances, turnover and transactions stored, aggregated and analysed. Real-time intraday insight with early warning indicators and alerts.

Regulatory Reporting

Compliance with global regulatory reporting regimes for intraday liquidity. Highly flexible and regularly refreshed.

Intraday Stress Modelling

Analytics applied across rich data history in Realiti Essentials databases. "What-if" analysis applied to granular transaction data. Payments and receipts modified to model the impact of intraday stresses.


  • Meet regulatory requirements;
  • Improve liquidity control and management;
  • Lower liquidity buffer costs;
  • Cost savings from reduced SWIFT message requirements;
  • Lowest cost option in the market to meet the needs of smaller banks;
  • All-inclusive annual pricing including implementation;
  • SaaS model - easy to scale up, as and when required;
  • Four-week implementation.
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