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Realiti is revolutionising the way financial institutions optimise liquidity usage and extract value from liquidity resources.

Empower the right people to make critical decisions that have an immediate positive impact – based on holistic, accurate liquidity-led analytics and insights on your cash and securities positions. See the complete real-time picture of your liquidity, including cash balances, available securities, inventory positions and collateral.

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Revolutionising Treasury: Why Realiti?

More accurately right-size liquidity buffers and greatly improve the liquidity strategy of the firm while driving cost reductions. Greater transparency leads to strengthened resilience, reduced regulatory scrutiny and heightened market confidence.

Gain a holistic perspective of the firm’s liquidity across both cash and securities

View and scrutinise exposures across all transaction and movement types

Understand the impact of market sentiment on the firm and take informed action

Assess funding plan to navigate short-term fluctuations vs expected business needs

Access real-time reconciled data, minimising errors and discrepancies

Conduct scenario analyses in real-time to devise agile and adaptable strategies

Treasury benefits

Dynamic decision-making driven by comprehensive, timely and precise data

Increase investor confidence and success in securing both short- and long-term funding

Ability to adapt to shifting market dynamics and the changing perception of the firm

Continuous real-time risk monitoring to proactively safeguard financial stability

Deliver accurate real-time scheduled and ad hoc reports to key stakeholders

Automate and streamline manual reporting to free time for value-enhancing activities


Why Realiti for Operations?

More granular, tighter operations management.

Strengthened control framework ensures a tighter grip on operations, directly mitigating risk which enhances the reputation the agent bank network. Improved funding processes and a smarter buffer strategy drives cost reductions, while streamlined operations result in resource efficiencies.

Make prompt, informed adjustments based on real-time actual vs expected insights

Enhance your ability to manage balances as they approach tolerance limits

Skilfully manage payment flows by leveraging real-time information

Instantly monitor and address trade discrepancies or failures in real time

Access a comprehensive, single portal for a holistic view of all your accounts

Improve visibility and gain a deeper understanding with self-service reporting

Operations benefits

Streamline forecasting processes by minimising manual interventions

Achieve optimal liquidity management, funding and liquidity utilisation

Understand liquidity dynamics and forecast drivers, including variances

Accurately track securities settlement and positions in real-time

Reduce the instances and cost related to transaction failures and buy-ins

Increase operational performance through continual process improvements


Why Realiti for Risk Management?

Risk departments management transcends traditional limitations.

Gain superior visibility and control over exposures, and improve capital costs through enhanced monitoring. Adopt a proactive stance on risk and more precisely refine risk strategies to safeguard financial stability and reduce the risk of regulatory scrutiny.

Keep pace with markets to evaluate credit, foreign exchange and market exposures

Integrate internal data with market data to enrich your risk lens and perspective

View the impact of numerous risk factors and categories concurrently

Monitor exposure with real-time oversight of credit and trading limits vs. utilisation

Optimise investment strategies with a real-time understanding of Value at Risk (VAR)

Evaluate risk across both listed and over-the-counter (OTC) products

Risk Management benefits

Expedite decision-making and strengthen risk mitigation with real-time reconciled positions

Advanced simulation of risk and stress scenarios to aid crisis response strategies

Enhance risk awareness by monitoring of contagion and concentration risks in real time

Conduct scenario analyses encompassing both market and counterparty risk

Correlate risk across market, product, counterparty and geopolitical factors

Reduce exposure with real time credit risk checks prior to release of payments


Why Realiti for Finance?

Finger on the pulse liquidity management.

Confidently trim buffers and minimise financing costs while closely monitoring adherence to regulatory limits, especially concerning large exposures. Streamline reporting, deliver more valuable insights and swiftly respond to ad hoc requests. Strengthen regulatory relationships through a proactive approach to compliance.

Generate, interrogate and share more accurate, insightful and timely reports

Streamline compliance processes and automate regulatory report generation

Attain real-time monitoring of firm activity at a granular book level

Instantly create and analyse real-time reports with board-level insights

Elevate stress testing to proactively identify vulnerabilities more accurately

Facilitate and support more robust and effective recovery and resolution strategies

Finance benefits

Enhance overall risk management position via a more thorough stress testing framework

Minimise manual involvement in report generation while delivering greater insight

Accelerate reporting processes while enhancing quality of data and insights

Leverage real-time forecasting capabilities and adjust financial strategies with agility

Cultivate stronger regulatory relationships via greater liquidity transparency

Deliver accurate, on-demand reports to key stakeholders up to board-level


Why Realiti for Business?

Paving the way for smarter decision-making.

Reduce costs, enhance revenues and drive greater value via innovative products, refined liquidity strategies, optimised inventory usage and smarter use of trading limits. Promptly and confidently navigate market dynamics with real-time cash and securities positional data.

Make timely decisions based holistic, real-time analysis of positions and funding

Enhance financial health by monitoring business-level activity with precision

Gain insight into business-level risks to mitigate vulnerabilities and seize opportunities

View securities inventory by entity, location, encumbrance status and market value

Understand the real cost of servicing individual customers tailor pricing and offerings

Maximise profitability through optimal liquidity and capital allocation across product lines

Business benefits

Optimise credit line utilisation for maximal financial flexibility and capital efficiency

Allocate funds more strategically and efficiently at the book level to achieve better returns

Unlock new opportunities and enhance competitiveness by leveraging liquidity flow data

Strengthen inventory strategies, collateral usage and overall working capital management

Heighten risk control by monitoring real-time usage against trading limits with more precision

Formulate innovative pricing approaches and incentivise client engagement

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