Only 35% of Retail Executives are happy with their analytical tools and data. Are you?

Go beyond traditional BI and deliver cutting edge analytics and insights to your users. Take away the complexity and discover exactly what you need with our simple Software as a Service solution.

Every retailer is different with their own processes, problems and value opportunities.  Our approach and technology is new and unique and enables us to provide the insights you need to deliver results you want.

Our new HTAP technology allows us to quickly configure the solution you need with around 1/10th the implementation cost and over 10 times the performance of leading traditional solutions. Our data scientists work with you to identify exactly the insights you need to deliver the results you are looking for.

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The Benefits of Retail Analytics


Powerful analytics provide a variety of prescriptive insights which recommend responses to your data. We have over 40 methods spanning analytical models, decision rules and machine learning.

Easy, Integrated Big Data

Retail is detail, with massive volumes of data, so we bring it all together in real time. With Planixs the analyst can concentrate on reviewing insights and recommendations, and deciding what to do.

A single, easy, efficient technology solution

Planixs has it all; Big data ready ETL/ELT, data warehousing, advanced analytics, visualisation, and self-service insights discovery, all in one analytics platform.

Faster, real time, discovery

Our flexible technology works in real-time, making up to date analytics continuously available on any device.

End to End Service

Our data scientists work with you from start to end. Our experience across the entire value chain of marketing, merchandising, operations and supply chain makes Planixs’ approach new, unique, and refreshing.

Faster Delivery

Our agile approach and technology allows us to start small, focusing on the immediate problems.

Configured tailored applications to solve exactly your problem. We can solve any data and insights problem in retail.

Generate real-time personalised offer triggered by their location and behaviour.

Generate valuable insights on how many customers, where they go, what they browse, and conversion rates.

Match product ranges and assortments to customer needs, optimise prices and promotion effectiveness.

Provide your retail analysts with access to all of your data, any time in real time.

Retail Analytics in Action…

6 Key Features of Planixs Retail Analytics

1. Integrate easily with data sources and operational systems

2. Access insights and recommendations on any device, any where

3. Provide users with modern, fast visualisations

4. Gain benefit from leading smart analytics

5. Choice of in the cloud analytics or solution in your data centre

6. Access to our unrivalled experience of retail analytics

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