with Workforce, you can.

From strategic headcount planning to operational forecasting of demand and supply, Workforce can be used across the enterprise.

Enterprise Workforce

Strategic Headcount Modelling

Set Strategic Goals

Create Headcount Forecast

Model Business Scenarios

Share Scenarios With Others

Publish Headcount Plans

BI & Reporting Architecture

Operational Workforce

Manage, Model and Maintain Supply and Demand

Forecast and Model Demand

Manage & Maintain Supply

Analyse, Scenario and Decide

Intelligent Alerting Framework

Demand Allocation

Integration to Source or Target System

The Benefits of Workforce

Confident Decision Making

Understand your workforce and increase confidence in decision making. Know what resources you have, where they are, what they can and will be doing.

Cost Reduction and Control

Reduce and control operational cost of your workforce. Lower your cost to serve, pro-actively and in a timely manner.

Increase Workforce Productivity

Increase utilisation, efficiency and productivity of your workforce. Ensure your workforce is deployed and focused as effectively as possible.

Accurate Financial Forecasting

More accurate financial forecasting and modelling. Know how much you will be spending and where.

Model Your Ideal Workforce

Scenario model the impact of change. Model different workforce scenarios, understand the impact and commit to the right one.

Data Integrity

Data integrity : Hold a single source of operational workforce data driving accountability to the right place.

Our clients

A number of industry leaders trust us to provide their Workforce Management solution…

  • Easy to use and simplistic user interface
  • Visualise all demand and supply data for your entire operational workforce
  • Rapidly build new demand profiles using templating and historic data actuals
  • Understand and visualise the impact of change through ‘what if’ scenario modelling, utilising our analytical Graphite platform
  • Integrate to any source or target systems e.g. SAP, Clarity, HP PPM, Excel etc.
  • Manage and act on issues as they arise through our Real Time Intelligence Framework
  • Manage and control your workforce financials and cost base

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