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Award Winning Technology

Planixs’ next generation applications are built on the technology platform, Graphite, one of the most advanced and innovative platforms in the world. Graphite delivers real-time, advanced analytics and data science capabilities at massive scale, harnessing the power of the cloud

Real-Time Performance

Graphite can consume tens of millions of transactions per hour and delivers real-time performance across all areas of the Realiti® Product Suite including real-time reconciliations at match rates approaching 100%.

Real Time Performance
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Right Technology – Right Job

Graphite includes a number of technology innovations to ensure the right technology for the right job. Massively scalable Hybrid Transactional and Analytical (HTAP) capability sits at the core of Graphite with advanced data science engines and rule-based technologies supporting the range of Realiti capabilities.

Data Science at Scale

Graphite’s in-built data science engine can perform the full range of computational and statistical calculations required by Realiti’s modules resulting in data being turned into intelligent insight in real time.

Data Science At Scale
Auto Scaling

Automatic Scaling

Graphite uses the latest virtualisation and container-based orchestration system for automatic application deployment, scaling and management. This enables easy deployment of Realiti solutions and low impact on IT operations.

Intuitive Visualisation

Realiti utilises a range of highly interactive and intuitive interfaces to simplify the user experience including flexible graphical interfaces, spreadsheet type interfaces and tabular technologies for rapid data crunching.

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Zero Infrastructure Option

Planixs' award-winning SaaS delivery model takes all the cost and complexity of the underlying IT infrastructure away from the financial institution and delivers 24x7 business critical solutions to users via a simple web browser.

Reduced Data Complexity

Planixs' ETL data layer (Extract, Transform and Load) takes the complexity out of data mapping and multiple solution feeds by providing simple API interfaces to accept data into the Realiti engine.

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Simple Cost

Simple Cost Model

Planixs provides all required Realiti product modules and underlying technologies in one simple to understand annual charge that includes all the costs required for the Realiti solution with no additional, hidden costs.

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