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Realiti is the ONLY liquidity management solution built to perform at scale in real-time environments and to deliver a unique combination of capabilities. It has been designed, architected and proven to continually and instantly process and analyse high data volumes at high velocity, and still deliver the real-time insight demanded by the various user communities across the organisation.

Cash and securities liquidity

Leverage the only software to unify oversight of cash and securities in real time.

Bring any data into Realiti®

Augment external statement data with ledger data and enrich it with other sources.

Expected vs actual reconciliation

Reconcile forecasted vs actual liquidity positions across all data sources.

Unified insights and control

Create a single source of truth with valuable insights and control in Realiti® dashboards.

Analytics to power your own apps

Integrate and embed Realiti® powered data into your own products or applications.

Liberate silos across the organisation

Transform cross-firm data into a single source of truth to inform all decisions.

Beyond regulatory best practice

Drive value beyond compliance with award winning, innovative regulatory solutions.

Proven and trusted by leading banks

Reap the magnitude of benefits along with other forward thinking banks worldwide.

Real-time liquidity intelligence.


Featuring our powerful award winning data analysis engine with artificial intelligence to supercharge liquidity control and insights to deliver a clear and accurate picture of cash and securities liquidity in real time.

Real-time liquidity control expedites and enhances day-to-day treasury operations to optimise liquidity, facilitates regulatory compliance, reduces operational costs and improves risk management. Real-time liquidity insights is the catalyst behind value-driven decision making for all levels and functions of the organisation, all the way up to C-Suite.



Real-time datasets to transform your treasury operations.


Gain visibility of settlement activity across direct and indirect accounts in real time for intraday insight, with early-warning indicators to enable prompt and informed action.


Leverage real-time monitoring to understand and forecast your intraday position of securities within depot accounts held by third-parties globally.


Understand client intraday balances in aggregate or granular detail to better understand and monitor client behaviour, credit risk and the impacts on liquidity usage.


Control payment outflows by throttling to optimise intraday liquidity, effectively manage counterparty risk and swiftly respond to issues as they unfold in real-time.

The most comprehensive and sophisticated solution for treasury planning and analysis and real-time risk alerts. Delivers a holistic and consistent view of liquidity across all accounts globally, to underpin optimal liquidity management, transform reporting processes and reduce manual tasks.


Seize the moment, make fast decisions and proceed with confidence.

Insights Lookback

Understand trends and behaviours for exceptions versus norms, across defined criteria for future optimisation.

Insights Now

Take prompt, decisive action with a deep understanding of behaviour, risks and revenue opportunities.

Insights Radar

Predict what may happen and gain the foresight to facilitate data-driven liquidity and risk optimisation decisions.


Powerful data integration and analysis engine is designed to provide a single source of truth for liquidity-led decision making – in real time. It breaks down data silos, augments data from any source and analyses it instantly to reveal powerful liquidity insights and drivers for data-driven decision making.


Our goal? It’s simple. Pioneer solutions that empower firms to realise the full potential of their liquidity – at the velocity of the market.

Accelerate time to value

Harness proven technology and benefit from decades of development, cut a multi-year journey down to a matter of weeks with a compelling total cost of ownership.

Cut through data silos

Transform cross-firm data into a single source of truth and put pioneering liquidity insights into the hands of stakeholders and decision makers across the organisation.

Proven technology

Leverage unrivalled real-time processing and analytical capabilities with embedded best practice from some of the world’s largest financial institutions.

Built to perform at scale

Continually process and analyse complex data at scale, to deliver the real-time visibility demanded by the various user communities across financial organisations of all sizes.

Low-touch technology

Optimise liquidity management with an unobtrusive yet transformative solution with low technical impact requiring no custom hardware.

Innovate smarter

Give developers the autonomy to build differentiated applications by harnessing advanced real-time analytics tools designed for banks.

Real-time data is at the heart of what we do. Working with global banking firms, we have developed our real-time software to transform the treasury function and to be the catalyst behind value-driven decision making across all levels and functions of the organisation.

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