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This is the Real-Time Revolution

The latest technology is now enabling industries to gain intelligent insight in real time using analytics and data science at scale. This is delivering new opportunities for companies not available with legacy technologies. Companies that take advantage of this analytical insight ‘in the moment’ will gain demonstrable benefit over their competitors allowing them to react faster with more accurate insight. This is the Real-Time Revolution.

We have already seen Firm's winning

Uber wouldn’t even exist without the ability to operate at scale with real time analytics. Today’s gaming industry would not function without real time competitions. The modern brokerage industry has been shaped by real time capability and manufacturing continually evolves to exploit the opportunities that just in time delivers.

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Real Time delivering new possibilities in Banking

The banking and financial services industries are being constantly buffeted by the winds of change. Those who survive and thrive are the ones who adapt to threats and opportunities. Firms can work in real time to achieve new possibilities, gaining advantages in control, reducing risk and customer value.

A key area influenced by Real Time is Liquidity

In the ‘old world’ model managing cash, collateral and liquidity is all a best guess. Costly mistakes such as unexpected overdrafts, funding swings and missed payments are often the result. In a real-time world liquidity can be understood and controlled. You know where all your cash and collateral is right now and technology can help you decide how best to deploy it next.

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What does liquidity lived in Real Time feel like?

It’s about having full access to all the intelligent insight you need to make the best decisions at the moment you need to and allowing technology and data science to help you make the right decisions. Instant analysis, instant response and instant results.

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