As there are many roles and responsibilities across Treasury Management, we have grouped these into five distinct functions. Using the dropdown options below, you will be able to establish what function your area of responsibility has been grouped into and visit that page to learn more about how Realiti can benefit you and your organisation.

  • Treasury Planning and Analysis (Including Risk)

    • Own overall firm funding plans
    • Funds Transfer Pricing (FTP)
    • Liquidity, market or credit risk management
    • Own liquidity policies
    • Regulatory submissions
    • Regulatory engagement
    • Stress testing
  • Treasury Execution

    • Manage short-term unsecured and secured funding
    • Monitor and manage funding gap(s)
    • Optimisation of asset pool
  • Cash Management

    • Create and validate funding requirements
    • Management of payment flows
    • Monitor and manage intraday liquidity requirements
    • Create and distribute intraday liquidity reporting
    • Funding MIS
  • Middle Office

    • Trade capture and exception management
    • PnL creation and validation
    • Exposure monitoring and management
    • Securities allocation
  • Settlements

    • Trade matching
    • Fails management
    • Depot realignments
    • Production of fails MIS

Treasury Planning and Analysis (Including Risk)

Effectively managing a bank’s balance sheet and overall liquidity, while also mitigating financial risk and ensuring regulatory requirements are adhered to, means having access to real-time insight at any point during the day. Realiti provides these capabilities and more, making it the perfect solution to improve all aspects of treasury planning including liquidity and funding risk analysis and mitigation.


Treasury Execution

Successfully managing and optimising short-term funding across all legal entities requires organisations to have a holistic view of liquidity across all accounts in real time. Realiti provides one single version of the truth, allowing institutions to increase funding accuracy and support reporting capabilities.


Cash Management

We understand the complexities of overseeing cash management activities – from relying on manual processes to forecast and monitor end of day projections, to using a variety of systems to extract the right data. Realiti has been developed with these complexities in mind and to ensure those responsible for cash management have the tools they need to optimise funding and liquidity usage whilst moving from an assumed to actual funding model.


Middle Office

Realiti provides a real-time view of all assets and transactions, and how that impacts positions, which enables an augmentation in tracking, identification, reporting and analytics capabilities across the middle office spectrum, whether this be trade capture, settlement monitoring or exposure management.



Realiti enhances monitoring capabilities across all cash and securities matching and settlement related activity. By gaining real time visibility organisations can accelerate their identification of possible matching and settlement issues which allows for greater efficiencies such as timely escalation, improved funding and, in turn, reduced liquidity impacts.


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