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Realiti liquidity management software enables financial institutions to seize the moment, make critical decisions and take confident action based upon a real-time understanding of their liquidity footprint. Decisions and action that will optimise cost, resilience and opportunities.

Intraday Turnover Volumes and Values V2

Optimise Costs

Maximise liquidity usage, increase control over funding, reduce funding costs and embed efficient liquidity management processes.

Right-size usage

Cut excess liquidity costs, avoid unnecessary borrowing, tailor liquidity buffers and maximise interest-earning potential.

Secure efficiencies

Liberate data from silos, enhance operational efficiency, streamline payment processes and minimise transaction costs.

Strengthen negotiations

Improve client, counterparty and correspondent terms based upon robust insights on your liquidity position.

Optimise Resilience

Improve real-time risk detection, reduce exposure and respond proactively to market events while improving regulatory compliance.

Risk readiness

Proactively mitigate risk by scenario modelling, stress testing and contingency planning with real-time data.

Risk responsiveness

Detect potential risks early with strong resolution planning regimes that allow prompt and proactive action in an event.

Risk reputation

Boost regulator, rating agency, counterparty and customer relations with strong risk and compliance control.

Optimise Opportunities

Make fast decisions and proceed with confidence to seize revenue generation, market and client opportunities as they arise.

Maximise margins

Fine-tune strategies for the best possible risk/margin trade-off and leverage follow-the-sun liquidity strategies.

Boost performance

Right-size liquidity allocation across the business and deploy liquidity to yield returns on new/ time sensitive opportunities.

Elevate client servicing

Provide targeted propositions to clients based on liquidity positions and manage servicing for optimal performance.

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