Manage liquidity in real-time.
Gain control of cash and securities, in one place.
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Financial stress doesn’t wait for business hours. If you want to manage liquidity, mitigate risk and make your money work harder, you need easy-to-access, real-time data at your fingertips. It’s time to liberate your data.

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Say goodbye to your oversized liquidity buffer

How Banks Master Intraday Liquidity Buffer Management

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Meet some of our clients

“We are delighted to have selected Planixs’ Realiti Suite as our future solution for BCBS 248 regulatory reporting and to manage our cash and liquidity in real-time. We assessed the full solution market and selected Realiti as it is the best solution to meet our functional and performance needs and we look forward to a rapid implementation based on their latest product offerings.”

Thierry Nardon  Head of Treasury

“We are very excited about deploying Realiti and experiencing the benefits across our liquidity management processes. Furthermore, we are really pleased to have found a strategic partner in Planixs that we can work with to transform our treasury operations.”

Ross Morgan  Head of Department, CFO Division Treasury Middle Office & Operations

How does it benefit your financial institution
when you manage liquidity in real-time?

97% of CFO’s cite liquidity risk management as a top priority.
Consider what you’ll gain.

save money with realiti

$100m + savings

Reduce expensive liquidity buffers, optimise funding costs, release liquidity to increase yield.

The Realiti platform saves clients millions of dollars, and frees up quantifiable profit.

avoid penalties with realiti

Keep regulators happy

Acknowledged as the best-in-class solution for regulatory confidence, the outcomes for Planixs clients include improved regulator relations and compliance with intraday liquidity,  recovery and resolution plans.

view transactions with realiti

View millions of transactions/hr

The Realiti platform gives you the proven ability to manage liquidity for both cash and securities in real time at a granular level. You can view all these transactions across thousands of settlement accounts.

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Trusted by 3 out of 4 banks

With three of the four largest banks in the UK, systemically important clearing houses through Europe, and G-SiBs as long-term clients, you can rely on the platform’s credibility and ability to serve your bank.

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“Managing liquidity across a bank is ever more challenging as markets accelerate their move to real-time settlement and payment velocity increases.”

Pete McIntyre  Planixs Liquidity Expert

Why you should get the Realiti platform working for you

head of treasury

Payments are moving to real-time; settlement windows are approaching T0; interest rates and inflation are rising. Meanwhile decentralised finance, digital assets and cryptocurrencies are extending the range of venues where your treasury needs to monitor and manage liquidity.

Built by experts with decades-deep banking experience, the Realiti platform can be implemented in as little as 3 months. All without the stress or eye-watering price of doing it yourself.

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What Does Realiti Offer?
With the Realiti suite, you benefit from real-time, enterprise-wide 360° visibility of your liquidity landscape, plus complete control over cash and securities in a single platform. You also benefit from super-smart data analytics, where we’ve freed you to use your data without needing our help.

Why do Banks Need Realiti?
Global institutions and financial firms of all sizes are using Realiti, including Santander, Lloyds Banking Group, NatWest, Allied Irish Banks, SIX Group and Scotiabank. They will tell you that outcomes for Planixs clients speak volumes – millions in savings on liquidity buffer costs, ensuring compliance with evolving regulatory agendas, and delivering efficient and effective funding operations.

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Start with Liquidity Control and create a goldmine of Actionable Insights.

Manage liquidity and build confidence. Get expert advice.

“Liquidity in resolution is the elephant in the room. Nothing new, but still an unsolved issue. Recent events in the US and Switzerland have shown that liquidity crises can happen fast – and be driven by social media and digital banking.” – Dominique Laboureix, 18th IESE Banking Sector Industry Meeting, Madrid, 2023

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