Bank transforms treasury operations, achieves rapid ROI

An international bank needed an intelligent solution for intraday liquidity management, funding optimisation, and regulatory compliance across its international operations.

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This prominent international bank, wanted to develop robust intraday liquidity management capabilities and ensure compliance with regulatory mandates. The bank sought to implement real-time treasury software to transform treasury operations, manage liquidity risk effectively, and reduce operational costs.

The solution

In March 2016, the bank embarked on an exhaustive evaluation process to select the best real-time treasury software solution on the market. After careful consideration, the bank chose Planixs and implemented Realiti, enabling real-time visibility of cash, collateral, and liquidity.

The bank’s implementation of Realiti followed a strategic approach, focusing on seamless integration and rapid deployment. Realiti’s SaaS or on-premise delivery models, coupled with its high-performance and scalable architecture, ensured minimal intrusion into the bank’s infrastructure, facilitating swift business value delivery.

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clear view of a hill

Measurable benefits

The initial implementation of Realiti yielded significant benefits, prompting the bank to extend its contract for a further three years. The COO has expressed delight in the extended partnership, emphasising the continued enhancement of treasury management processes and compliance with the Basel Committee’s BCBS 248 intraday monitoring regime. Realiti has helped the bank position itself for sustained growth and competitive advantage.

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