Smart liquidity management for banks and financial institutions

Meet Realiti®

Why is the Realiti suite so good for compliance, cost, and risk reduction?

gain improved cash visibility with realiti

Improved Cash Visibility

Realiti provides real-time visibility into cash positions and liquidity across all accounts. You get an accurate view of your organisation’s cash position at any given moment.

enhance your liquidity management with realiti

Enhanced Intraday Liquidity Management

Realiti gives you real-time insight into cash flows. You can reduce the need for overnight funding, minimise short positions, and optimise the utilisation of credit lines.

save money with realiti

Cost Savings

Realiti helps identify opportunities for cost savings and optimisation. You can reduce excess pre-funding of accounts, eliminate unnecessary overnight balances, and make more efficient use of liquidity.

become more compliant with realiti

Compliance and Reporting

Global requirements to prove sufficient levels of high-quality liquid assets make it essential to measure and anticipate intraday liquidity. Realiti provides robust reporting capabilities, so you can comply with regulatory requirements and reporting obligations.

reduce risk with realiti

Operational Risk Reduction

Realiti streamlines processes, eliminates manual tasks, and enhances data accuracy. The platform seamlessly integrates with internal systems and external account providers, enabling straight-through processing and reducing the time and effort required for reconciliation and data management.

Discover the Realiti suite. Smart liquidity management for banks and financial institutions

The award-winning, cloud-enabled Realiti Control and Insights platforms help global institutions and financial firms of all sizes including Santander, Lloyds Banking Group, NatWest and Scotiabank, to realise the full potential of their enterprise-wide liquidity.

Built by experts with decades-deep banking experience, Realiti Control can be implemented in as little as 3 months.

Realiti Control

What it does
Realiti is the only liquidity management software that can handle the performance challenge of providing real-time data for firms with millions of transactions per hour across thousands of settlement accounts. It solves the silo problem.

Gain immediate insights into your cash and securities positions, optimizing real-time visibility across all accounts.

Why firms like it
With Realiti Control capabilities, you can minimize costly buffers to reduce operational risks, especially during critical periods. Whilst enhancing liquidty risk management and minimising errors. Enjoy savings on overnight fees, reduce reliance on credit lines, and identify excessive prefunding, optimizing liquidity allocation while eliminating the need for unnecessary funds. 

You can select the most appropriate combination from Realiti’s suite of capabilities enabling you to implement only the functionality you require.

With Realiti Control capabilities, you also get Realiti Insights for super-smart data analytics

What it does
Insights gives you full access to the rich, real-time data generated by your Control capabilities.

You also benefit from super-smart data analytics, where we’ve freed you to use your data without needing our help.

You can analyse liquidity drivers, interrogate risks and respond to regulatory requests. You can integrate additional data – like prices, external risk measures, and financial models.

The biggest global banks invest $100 millions to create systems like this. Realiti allows all banks these similar analytics capabilities at a much lower cost.

Why firms like it
Realiti Insights provides Planixs clients with substantial savings and maximises the efficiency of their capital at a fraction of the cost of in-house development.

With real-time analytics, you can see what is happening as it happens rather than T+1 or worse.

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