Bank with FX trading headache, gains accelerated sales cycle

In collaboration with their strategic go-to-market partner, Infor, the bank was looking to implement advanced real-time cash and liquidity management capabilities.

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The bank wanted to improve its FX trading, compliance and liquidity management with several key objectives:

  • Foreign Currency Trading Insight Gain greater visibility into foreign currency trading activities, particularly during the transition of US Dollar clearing to Bank of America.
  • Regulatory Compliance Fulfill the BCBS 248 requirements mandated by the Canadian regulator, OFSI, to ensure adherence to regulatory standards.
  • Operational Efficiency Focus on reducing operational liquidity buffers to enhance overall liquidity management.

The solution

The SaaS or on-premise model, coupled with Realiti’s high-performance architecture, ensured minimal intrusion. Since the initial deployment of Realiti’s core Cash Control solution, the bank has added to its Realiti capabilities. The implementation was noble, with a rapid progression from deal signing to global go-live deployment in just a few months.

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clear view of a hill

Measurable benefits

The bank praised Realiti’s unique value proposition, and the software’s ability to drive both regulatory compliance and business value, with several tangible benefits:


  • Accelerated Sales Cycle Realiti’s unique capabilities accelerated the sales cycle, positioning it as the preferred choice in the banking liquidity space in Europe.
  • Regulatory Compliance The bank achieved compliance with BCBS 248 requirements, ensuring a robust regulatory reporting framework.
  • Operational Efficiency The focus on reducing operational liquidity buffers contributed to operational efficiency, aligning with the bank’s strategic objectives.
  • Global Deployment Realiti’s high-performance and scalable architecture enabled a swift and seamless global deployment, delivering real-time insights into credit and liquidity usage.

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