Bank with inefficient cash and liquidity management, gains speedy ROI

This leading European commercial bank, embarked on a comprehensive banking transformation project, seeking to advance outdated treasury processes and outcomes.

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As part of a large-scale banking transformation project, the bank had distinct outcomes in mind:

  • Automate Treasury Processes Implement a software solution that automates treasury processes for increased efficiency.
  • Holistic View Gain a comprehensive, holistic view across all data and customer accounts for better decision-making.
  • Cash and Liquidity Management Improve cash and liquidity management capabilities.
  • Regulatory Compliance Meet BCBS 248 regulatory requirements for enhanced regulatory reporting.
  • Intraday Stress Testing Facilitate intraday stress testing for improved risk management.
  • Cost Savings Optimise liquidity buffers to realize cost savings.

The solution

After a rigorous RFP process, the bank selected Realiti as the best-in-class solution. The full suite of Realiti capabilities was chosen to ensure regulatory compliance and to gain operational insight across liquidity and inventory. The decision was influenced by positive experiences shared by other banking firms in the European region.

clear view of a hill
clear view of a hill

Measurable benefits

This implementation has led to transformative changes in the bank’s treasury operations, with several notable benefits:


  • Enhanced Regulatory Reporting Improved capabilities for meeting BCBS 248 regulatory requirements, ensuring timely and accurate reporting.
  • Real-time Cash and Liquidity Management Greater control over cash and liquidity in real-time, leading to improved operational insight.
  • Efficiency and Cost Savings Automation of treasury processes and optimisation of liquidity buffers for increased efficiency and cost savings.

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