Bank with international liquidity management stress, gains comprehensive intraday views

A prominent global bank needed an intelligent solution for intraday liquidity management, funding optimisation, and regulatory compliance across its international operations.

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The bank aimed to achieve three primary objectives with the implementation of Realiti:

  • Intraday Liquidity Management Develop a holistic view of intraday activities across various currencies, time zones, and legal entities.
  • Funding and Forecasting Optimisation Enhance the ability to measure, project, and control the full spectrum of intraday liquidity risk.
  • Regulatory Compliance Align with the Basel Committee’s BCBS248 intraday monitoring regime to ensure robust regulatory reporting.

The solution

After conducting a rigorous evaluation exercise, the bank chose to partner with Planixs. Realiti was deployed to support intraday liquidity management, regulatory compliance, and reporting functions across the bank’s global operations. The phased approach ensured a seamless integration of the solution, aligning with the bank’s strategic goals. The bank has since introduced further Realiti capabilities with many positive impacts on funding, cash, and liquidity management.

clear view of a hill
clear view of a hill

Measurable benefits

The bank emphasised the significance of having a comprehensive view of intraday activities across the diverse landscape of the bank. There are several tangible benefits from the implementation of Realiti:

  • Enhanced Global Visibility: A holistic view of intraday activities, enabling better decision-making across diverse currencies, time zones, and legal entities.
  • Risk Mitigation Improved ability to measure, project, and control intraday liquidity risk, reducing potential financial exposures.
  • Regulatory Compliance Adherence to BCBS248 intraday monitoring regulations, reducing the risk of regulatory penalties.
  • Operational Efficiency Streamlined funding, cash, and liquidity management functions, contributing to overall operational efficiency.

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