Bank needs real-time cash and liquidity management, achieves compliance and visibility

This mid-sized, universal bank needed real-time cash and liquidity management, seeking to advance treasury processes and outcomes.

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The bank aimed to enhance regulatory compliance and optimise operational efficiency through real-time cash and liquidity management. The objectives included consolidating cash flows, reconciling actual and expected flows, and leveraging stress modelling for predictive forecasting.

The solution

The adoption of Planixs’ Realiti Suite enabled the bank to achieve real-time visibility and control over cash and liquidity positions. The solution facilitated the consolidation of cash flows, real-time reconciliation, and stress modeling capabilities for predictive forecasting.

clear view of a hill
clear view of a hill

Measurable benefits

By deploying the Realiti Suite, the bank experienced tangible benefits, including real-time insights. This has enabled proactive decision-making and ensured competitiveness, now and in the future.

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