Bank with spreadsheet stress, gains cost effective funding and liquidity processes

A full-service bank with activities in markets globally and significant operations in Europe, turned to Planixs when it was looking to improve visibility over its Cash, Collateral and Liquidity (CCL) Operations.

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The bank recognised that its resources and business process for supporting funding and liquidity management were fragmented, inefficient, and under-invested in technology. Key objectives included being able to: 

  • Own operational management of sources and uses of cash, collateral, and intraday liquidity. 
  • Manage efficient, cost-effective, and controlled funding and liquidity processes. 
  • Provide value-added forecasting, optimisation, reporting, and analytics capabilities. 
  • Develop strategic technology solutions to increase transparency, efficiency, and scalability.

The Solution

The initial rollout covered high-priority items for regulatory compliance. Planixs implemented Realiti Cash Control and Securities Control capabilities within three months, integrating data from various back-office systems.

clear view of a hill
clear view of a hill

Measurable Benefits

After a rigorous competitive process, the Realiti suite was chosen because it was able to process millions of daily cash flows in real time, and on a global basis. End-users could simultaneously use the system to conduct cash, funding, and liquidity operations.

Legacy processes in the bank were overly manual and varied across the global business. There was extensive use of portals and spreadsheets, with manual data sharing of outputs leading to control risks that needed eliminating. Now the bank has centralised, standardised processes enabled by Realiti, covering a range of activities across – IDL monitoring; funding and cash management; liquidity risk; and regulatory reporting. 

Use of spreadsheets and end-user computing has been reduced substantially. Resources have been moved from transactional data entry and manipulation into value-added analysis activities. Financial benefits accrued due to more optimised buffers, more efficient use of funding, reduced interest charges and increased insight across a wide range of business processes.

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