North American Bank with manual processes, gains $millions in savings

This bank recognised the imperative to modernise treasury operations to capitalise on real-time visibility and data insights.

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The objective was clear: shift the team’s mindset towards business intelligence and data mastery to optimise liquidity management and enhance operational efficiency.

The department was entrenched in manual processes that added little value beyond data collection. Armed with a background in data science and technology, the bank set out to implement a robust data aggregator to streamline the collection of critical information, including SWIFT statements and forecast data.

The solution

A phased rollout commenced with the integration of Realiti within the trading desk, facilitating real-time visibility into settled positions and operational efficiency improvements. Subsequent efforts focused on optimising forecasting capabilities and leveraging advanced features within the Realiti suite to drive strategic decision-making.

clear view of a hill
clear view of a hill

Measurable benefits

Ultimately the bank’s liquidity team selected the Realiti suite from Planixs to enable its journey towards real-time treasury operations. The team recognised the need to streamline data collection and processing, and the Realiti suite was capable of centralising a huge amount of critical information and enhancing liquidity optimisation. 

The bank’s adoption of Realiti represents a paradigm shift, transforming data from a mere reporting tool into a strategic asset. The bank has highlighted several key areas where the bank leverages the suite’s real-time capabilities to drive value creation and stakeholder alignment:

  • Effective risk management: By harnessing advanced analytics and predictive modelling, the bank proactively identifies and mitigates potential risks, ensuring resilience amidst market volatility.
  • Accurate cash flow forecasting: Real-time data capabilities enable the bank to forecast future cash positions with precision, optimising liquidity management and minimising borrowing costs.
  • Compliance and regulatory adherence: Realiti tools help the bank streamline compliance processes, ensuring transparency and accountability in financial reporting while enhancing audit readiness.
  • Strategic resource allocation: Through flexible dashboards and interactive visualisations, the bank monitors treasury activities in real-time, optimising resource allocation and driving sustainable growth.
  • Foreign exchange and cross-border payments: Real-time data insights mean the bank can identify opportunities and manage liquidity effectively across borders, revolutionising cross-border payment settlement processes.

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