Why is Client Control so good for financial confidence?

Builds intraday profiles for client accounts, provides insight into typical client behaviour. This assists with end of day funding decisions and identifies clients whose intraday behaviour could be optimised for the good of the bank.

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A clear and accurate view
of your Vostro accounts in real-time

* Realiti® Client Control is live and operational now at head offices, subsidiaries, and branches of banks around the world

* Understand client intraday balances at both aggregate and granular levels to understand behaviour and credit risk.

* Enable prompt identification of exceptional activities, and support cost recovery.

* Get real-time data for reporting and demonstrating regulatory compliance.

Get Realiti Client Control Working for You

Built by experts with decades-deep banking experience, Client Control can be live quickly, with several immediate benefits. The best part? You get easy-to-access, real-time insight across all your data.

What it does
The impact of client (or Vostro) accounts on your bank’s intraday liquidity is significant, whether assessed collectively in a total portfolio or individually for sizable clients. The platform is designed to meticulously monitor and analyse diverse account activities, employing intraday messaging to offer valuable insights into balances and transactions.

It facilitates aggregations across various hierarchies, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of the dynamics at play. This architecture is vital to be able to deliver vostro account analysis, given the potentially millions of transactions per day.

Why firms like it 
Client Control allows users to understand client intraday balances in aggregate or granular detail. So you can better understand and monitor client behaviour, credit risk, and the impacts on the firm’s liquidity usage.

Real-time monitoring of client intraday profiles, coupled with alerting capabilities, enables the identification of exceptional activities. Historical analysis aids in pinpointing key liquidity users, supporting initiatives for cost recovery.

This intraday insight can be shared with relevant clients to promote preferred liquidity behaviours and align with any intraday charging structures. Moreover, Client ControlVostro intraday information serves as a valuable tool for reporting and demonstrating regulatory compliance, where Client activity forms a fundamental part of the bank’s business under review.

How does implementation work?

We structure implementation via a phased approach based on desired outcomes and / or regional roll out.
There is no need to invest time and effort in porting data from internal systems.

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