Realiti GA18: Landmark enhancements to the leading real-time treasury suite

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Pete McIntyre, the liquidity expert

Written by Pete McIntyre

February 20, 2024

We are thrilled to announce the release of Realiti GA18. This represents a significant milestone in our commitment to delivering intelligent real-time treasury solutions. 

With the latest version of our software suite and enhancements in previous releases, clients gain a wide range of benefits. Realiti is advanced through close collaboration with our valued customers, industry experts, regulators, and the integration of the latest tech. 


Notable enhancements


Timed Auto Consolidation   Clients can set up automated consolidation processes at a specific time.
Bypass Approval   A new option enables clients to bypass the approval process (completely or where below a configurable amount) should they wish, streamlining their workflow and enhancing operational efficiency.

Editing of Real Ledgers   Clients can now make direct changes to real ledgers within the Realiti platform. 

Intraday Balance Forecasting   Realiti now employs rules to allocate anticipated settlement times for transactions. As an early warning system, this dynamic forecast enables customers to evaluate their projected intraday balance for current and future days. Additionally, we have introduced Variance Analysis, so clients can analyse anomalies or discrepancies to help manage anticipated and actual outcomes.

Intraday Reconciliations  Clients now can set tolerances at the rule level in addition to the account level, providing more flexibility and control in managing reconciliations.

Stress Testing   Realiti now supports stress testing to a variety of transactional level attributes spanning ledger and settlement data sets, as well as related reference data. Clients can modify specific values and set thresholds, plus multiple levers can be used within a single template. All of this helps clients to run sophisticated tests and to understand the magnitude of the stress applied.

Inventory Monitoring and Management   This new component enhances and increases flexibility for clients across multiple functions. Clients can now collate and aggregate security positions: this helps them see what the firm has, where it is held, its worth, and its usability. For a tailored view, clients can make use of security-related attributes like HQLA Level, Instrument type, and Instrument currency.

Regulatory Reports   Realiti allows clients to report their time-critical obligations as required within BCBS Table A and B reports.

SWIFT Compliance   Enhancements are focused on ensuring that the Realiti platform is prepared and compliant with the latest SWIFT standards, with a particular focus on  MX readiness (ISO 20022). We have expanded the system’s ability to process a broader range of messages, enhancing its flexibility.

User Experience (UX) Enhancements   Clients can now perform Reference Data Management tasks more conveniently through a graphical user interface (GUI), providing a more user-friendly and intuitive experience for managing reference data elements.


Realiti is your treasury’s strategic ally


Neville Roberts, CEO of Planixs says:

“With the highest R&D investment ratio in Treasury FinTech, Realiti GA18 demonstrates our dedication to innovation and our position as a pioneer in real-time intraday cash, collateral, and liquidity management solutions.

Realiti can be seamlessly implemented with minimal intrusion to a bank’s infrastructure, rapidly delivering substantial business value. Its high-performance and scalable architecture further ensure that Realiti can effectively cater to the unique needs of different financial institutions at a global scale.”

Curious about real-time treasury management? You are warmly welcome to ask us any questions. We’re the go-to in the intraday niche. Book a consultation to get expert advice from Planixs. Don’t guess, know.

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