Get top-tier liquidity analytics to inform decision making, identify threats and create new revenue streams.

Meet Realiti Insights

The largest G-SIBs in the world typically invest $100ms in creating their liquidity infrastructures. Realiti Insights brings that capability to the wider market. Banks get real-time, customised liquidity and risk analysis, enabling informed decision-making and operational optimisation.

Top-tier data analytics.
The benefits of Realiti Insights

Realiti transforms how banks see and use data, resulting in millions in both cost reductions and revenue generation. We can show you how clients are mastering liquidity data analysis, all the way to the front office.

With real-time analytics, you can see what is happening as it happens
rather than T+1 or worse.

You can analyse liquidity drivers, interrogate risks and respond to regulatory requests. You can integrate additional data – like prices, external risk measures, and financial models.

When you implement Realiti Insights, you gain…

Intraday Analysis Capabilities

Realiti analyses liquidity data at intraday levels, offering a detailed view of liquidity patterns and allowing for immediate response to fluctuations.

access market driven intraday repo with realiti

Real-Time Data for Your Front Office

If you feed real-time data into your front office, an up-to-the-minute inventory of Cash and Securities, this can be used for multiple same day activities.

gain liquidity confidence with realiti

Liquidity Confidence

As interest rates rise and liquidity costs escalate, the cost of intraday liquidity has increased along with regulatory attention. Efficient and proactive management of cash flows throughout the day, enables better risk management.

experience agile borrowing and lending

Agile Borrowing and Lending

Insights opens the door to borrowing or lending cash on an intraday basis. You can allow borrowers to specify the precise duration of liquidity they require, rather than being tied to a 24-hour period. As excess reserves in the banking system decline, the need for rapid cash is expected to rise. With intraday repo, you can fulfill short-term liquidity requirements.

Get Insights working for you

Built by experts with decades-deep banking experience, Insights can be implemented in as little as 3-6 months. The best part? You will get easy-to-access, real-time insight across all your liquidity data.

This allows you to become a change-maker in your organisation.

Realiti Insights consumes real-time liquidity data direct from the Realiti Control platform. You can use this data on its own or bring in additional sources of data (e.g. prices, risk measures, social media sentiment) to provide value-creating insights to treasury and other areas of the bank.

The value of Realiti Insights data includes…

enhanced risk management with realiti

Enhanced Risk Management

You can assess and manage counterparty risk in real-time, so a bank can avoid potential losses associated with exposures to risky counterparties. This contributes to preserving the bank’s capital and financial stability.

optimised fund transfer pricing with realiti

Optimised Fund Transfer Pricing

Support for funds transfer pricing allows you to optimise the pricing of funds transferred between different business units or departments. This optimization can lead to increased profitability by ensuring that funds are allocated efficiently across the organisation.

new product development with realiti

New Product Development

Identifying spare intraday liquidity through Realiti Insights presents an opportunity for you to create and introduce new financial products. These products can cater to specific market demands, potentially attracting new customers and revenue streams.

operational efficiency with realiti

Operational Efficiency

Streamlined processes and quicker response times to market changes can lead to cost savings and improved overall financial performance.

client services with realiti

Client Services

You can use the valuable insights gained from Realiti to offer enhanced services to clients. For example, providing clients with real-time visibility into their exposure to counterparties or helping them optimize liquidity usage can be monetized through service fees or premium offerings.

data monetisation with realiti

Data Monetisation

You can explore partnerships or offer data services to other financial institutions or businesses seeking valuable insights for their operations.

How does implementation work?

We structure implementation via a phased approach based on desired outcomes and / or regional roll out.
There is no need to invest time and effort in porting data from internal systems.

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