Why is Securities Control so good for financial confidence?

You get a cross-firm view of the firm’s securities assets and answers to the following questions: What do we have, where is it, how much is it worth right now (including the impact of haircuts), is it available for me to use?

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Get a clear and accurate view
of your securities in real-time

Realiti® Securities Control was built with close co-operation from a G-SIB development partner who wanted a single view of cash and securities across the bank’s key settlement venues.

Get Realiti Securities Control Working For You

Built by experts with decades-deep banking experience, Securities Control can be live quickly, with several immediate benefits. The best part? You get easy-to-access, real-time insight across all your data.

What it does

Securities Control provides insight over securities transactions and positions including liquidity risk, securities position optimisation and real-time market valuations. This complements the cash insight provided in the rest of the Realiti suite. 

It helps firms monitor and understand the relative value of positions in real time across their global inventory accounts. This augments a firm’s ability to make best use of its collateral across all business lines, including Treasury.

Why firms like it 

It gives you insight into the application or availability of collateral based on the eligibility for, but not limited to, central banks, liquidity buffers, collateral management and secured lending. You can manage securities positions globally, and gain insight into individual securities and their value, both pre and post haircut.

This enhances funding and optimisation decisions, provides improved transparency on real time inventory usage and aids the mobilisation of inventory positions.

a beautiful skyline of a great city on a clear day of good liquidity

Securities Control

What it does
IMM is focused on the management of securities, such as equities and bonds, rather than cash.

IMM also supports a range of capabilities including liquidity risk, securities position optimisation, and securities processing activities organisation wide.

Why firms like it 
IMM helps monitor, understand, and forecast your organisation’s position of securities within depots held at venues globally. The solution provides insight into both the holding of individual securities and their value including the impact of haircuts. You can also combine cash and securities value in a single view to provide holistic total liquidity value.

Similar to cash intraday matching, inventory intraday matching allows the matching of expected trades (internal) against settlement confirmations to provide visibility of real-time securities settlements.

In terms of reporting, like pivot views for cash balances, inventory views provide a view of current and future end-of-day inventory projections, plus the current intraday securities balances at various aggregation levels. These levels include bank, legal entity, venue, and depots right down to individual securities positions.

How does implementation work?

We structure implementation via a phased approach based on desired outcomes and / or regional roll out.
There is no need to invest time and effort in porting data from internal systems.

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