Treasury: Post-Covid-19 Checkpoint

What did Treasuries learn and how should they change for the future? Find out what treasurers found most challenging during the global pandemic and how they can futureproof their treasury function.

an ebook on liquidity post covid-19

The global Covid-19 pandemic presented banking firms and financial services organisations with a wide-ranging number of challenges. As the world as we knew it was flipped upside down, Treasurers all across the globe had to adapt to new working environments as widespread lockdowns set in, whilst managing their cash and liquidity and reassuring senior management and regulators that a robust liquidity risk framework was in place.

To find out exactly how challenging this period was, we surveyed Treasury professionals from banking organisations all over the world, asking them a series of questions to establish what they found most challenging during the pandemic, and now, as we emerge from this phase of the pandemic, what their key takeaways were from managing their treasury operations during lockdown and also how their experiences will inform their plans to be better prepared for the future.

Why download? 

  • Find out what treasurers found most challenging during the global pandemic;
  • Learn about what worked well for Treasury teams during the crisis;
  • Gain insight into the Treasury management challenges post-Covid-19;
  • Find out how treasuries can better plan for the future and what strategies they should deploy to futureproof their treasury function.

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