Why should you care about liquidity?

It’s simple. Liquidity is the lifeblood of your business. Without it, you risk losing access to funds, you may face liquidity issues with cryptocurrencies, and struggle to meet margin calls. The cost of liquidity in the financial system is significant, impacting the economy as a whole. By improving efficiency, you can drive positive change and maximise your profitability.

Banks looking to improve their intraday liquidity management are likely to find significant value in the practical approach recommended by liquidity specialist Olaf Ransome in his detailed report, LIQUIDITY IS THE LIFEBLOOD OF WHOLESALE BANKING: Why financial services firms need to invest in real-time data!

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Download the report and benefit from:

  • Expert Authored: Written by liquidity specialist Olaf Ransome with decades of banking expertise.
  • Practical Approach to intraday liquidity management: Gain actionable insights to improve processes.
  • Detailed Recommendations: Comprehensive guide for enhancing intraday liquidity practices.
  • Effective Risk Analysis: Implement strategies to manage and mitigate intraday liquidity risks.
  • Actionable Advice: Directly applicable insights for improving liquidity management.
  • Strategic Framework: Recommendations provide a strategic base for robust intraday liquidity management.

By leveraging these recommendations, your bank will be able to employ effective risk analysis strategies and optimize costs.

Key Takeaways

Cautionary tales from 2022 and 2023

Our report uncovers the events of late 2022 and early 2023, revealing real-life examples of liquidity issues experienced by major players in the industry. From the collapse of Silicon Valley Bank to the solvency struggles of the UK pension fund industry, these cautionary tales highlight the urgent need for improved liquidity management practices.

But what is the root of the problem? Legacy technology platforms, long transaction chains, high funding costs, and weak competition are just a few of the challenges faced in liquidity management. Our report explores these issues in-depth, presenting a fresh perspective and a call for a new approach to liquidity management.

Big problems require intelligent solutions

We don’t just identify the problems; we provide solutions. Tokenized deposits, initiatives like Fnality and RTGS.global, and the creation of a single pool of liquidity are among the potential strategies outlined in the report. We address their limitations and discuss the need for regulatory approval and considerations regarding access to central bank money.

Financial stress doesn’t wait for business hours. As challenges continue to loom, it’s a strategic move for banks to fortify their positions through intelligent liquidity management. Real-time data enables you to adapt swiftly, stay ahead of regulatory requirements, identify and address liquidity risks and minimise the impact of economic uncertainties.

How to optimise liquidity usage and extract value from liquidity resources

At the heart of the Planixs real-time treasury response is its award-winning, cloud-enabled Realiti® platform that now helps global institutions and financial firms of all sizes including Santander, Lloyds Banking Group, NatWest and Scotiabank, to realise the full potential of their enterprise-wide liquidity.

Realiti is the only liquidity intelligence solution to deliver real-time, enterprise-wide 360° visibility of a firm’s liquidity landscape, control over treasury activities and value-creating insights, in a single platform.

Acknowledged as the best-in-class solution for regulatory confidence, the outcomes for Planixs clients speak volumes – millions in savings on intraday liquidity buffer costs, ensuring compliance with the BCBS248 regulatory agenda, and fostering efficient and effective funding operations.

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