Automation & Real-Time Treasury in Financial Institutions forum

real-time view of liquidity
Pete McIntyre, the liquidity expert

Written by Pete McIntyre

June 15, 2019

Planixs successfully sponsored the Automation in Real-Time Treasury forum in London in June. Gary Manning, industry expert, did an exceptional job of facilitating day 1 in which key topics such as developing active liquidity management approaches and treasury innovation were discussed. Pete McIntyre, leading liquidity expert, delivered the keynote speech on “The Road To Real-Time Treasury” and the current industry best practice of Firms, especially those who are reaping benefits from implementing real-time solutions such as Planixs Realiti.

Day 1 panel discussions focused on the drivers behind a real-time Treasury function and the Treasury of tomorrow, along with the importance of developing robust liquidity strategies. The panels were led by Planixs CEO Neville Roberts and Pete McIntyre.

Day 2’s focus was on AI, revolutionising a bank’s Treasury compliance with cloud technologies and what the future holds for Treasury innovation. Tim Page, Planixs Head of Sales, contributed to this panel and led the discussion on how to adapt business culture to allow AI to thrive.

Insightful knowledge was discussed and shared amongst a broad range of industry experts with some excellent networking opportunities developed. Planixs are looking forward to sponsoring further forums globally as they continue to build out their global presence.

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