Want a remarkably effective liquidity management strategy?
Meet Realiti Cash Control

Achieve real-time cash visibility, optimise liquidity management in treasury, cut operational costs, ensure regulatory compliance, and streamline operations. All without the stress or eye-watering price of doing it yourself.

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Get a clear and accurate view of your cash and securities in real-time

Realiti® Cash Control was built with close co-operation from a G-SIB development partner who wanted an effective liquidity management strategy. With a single view of cash and securities across the bank’s key settlement venues.

The award-winning, cloud-enabled Cash Control platform helps global institutions and financial firms of all sizes including Santander, Lloyds Banking Group, NatWest and Scotiabank, to realise the full potential of their enterprise-wide liquidity.

Get Realiti Cash Control working for you

Built by experts with decades-deep banking experience, Cash Control can be live quickly, typically in 3-6 months for critical functionality with several immediate benefits. Without the need for significant data to be sourced from the bank’s internal systems.

The best part? You get easy-to-access, real-time liquidity management information.

What it does
Cash Control is the heart of our solution. You can monitor all your direct and indirect cash accounts with data from account providers, and receive alerts for key balance thresholds.

Why firms like it
By integrating projected cash flows, Realiti Cash Control ensures real-time reconciliation against actual cash flows. You can forecast your liquidity profile, provide early warnings for liquidity issues and optimise your liquidity planning.

How does implementation work?

We structure implementation via a phased approach based on desired outcomes and / or regional roll out.
There is no need to invest time and effort in porting data from internal systems.

Get expert advice: Develop an effective liquidity management strategy

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