3 February 2015 – Planixs Accredited on G-Cloud VI

February 3, 2015 09:29 AM Greenwich Mean Time We are proud to announce our continued inclusion on the G-Cloud VI, the Government Digital Marketplace.   Planixs has been awarded accreditation services in three lots: Lot 2 – Platform as a Service (PaaS) – Planixs Graphite is a Platform as a Service that provides capabilities to rapidly…

Top 10 Global Bank selects Planixs’ Realiti® solution to deliver intraday liquidity management and BCBS248 regulatory compliance.

January 21, 2015 08:18 AM Eastern Standard Time LONDON – January 21, 2015 – Planixs today announced that a Top 10 Global Bank has recently selected Planixs’ Realiti® software for its next generation intra-day liquidity platform. The bank will use Realiti® across its entire global operations to improve intra-day liquidity management capabilities and to deliver…

1 December 2014 Planixs Worforce 2.0

December 1, 2014 09:00 AM Greenwich Mean Time Today Planixs launched its next major release of Workforce, its macro workforce planning and optimisation solution.  Planixs Workforce 2.0 includes some significant updates and additions to our  solution.  This release includes the following: New Modules Detailed forecasting – allows users to model future demand at a very…

Planixs Insight – Retail Analytics as a Service

A next generation cloud based model for retail analytics provides a step change in return on investment for retailers – Retail Analytics as a Service!

Retailers Need Simpler and Clearer Analytics.

It is difficult to find a retailer that does not subscribe to the view that data and analytics are fundamental inputs to decision making, whether it is like-for-like sales trends or sophisticated price optimisation.

Yet a recent survey has shown that well over half of retailers say that their existing analytic tools are not fit for purpose and half of retailers say they need cleaner and more timely data from operational systems.

Why is this a problem, there are plenty of technology providers ?

A recent Gartner report, “Magic Quadrant for Business Intelligence and Analytic Platforms” contained analysis on 57 technology vendors with a wide array of capabilities.  So the reason that retailers continue to struggle to provide acceptable analytics is probably not because of lack of choice or technical features and functions in the market place.

The reason for the lack of analytic capabilities is the compromise that a retailer is forced to make and the difficulty of finding the right skills and resources.

Implementing a new technology platform connected to big data typically takes a lot of resource and often results in a huge disruption to day to day business.  The financial investment required is often significant with new IT hardware and upfront license fees of millions of £s.  In addition the license fees buy a technology or an infrastructure, the retailer then often incurs significant additional consulting and services fees to configure, customise and optimise, to turn the technology into a useful solution which will deliver value.  This is without looking at the level of business change that is required to support the new technology and processes.

In many cases the technology implemented is more of a toolkit rather than a solution and depends on skilled business analysts and IT professionals to build the dashboards and analytic reports that are required to turn data into insights and recommendations.  In other cases the technology provides a do-it-yourself toolkit that is delivered to the business users desktop and the business users have the ability to construct their own analytics.  This is also a problem since many business users do not have the time nor the skills required to build an analysis report.

In short this makes it difficult for a retailer to secure the benefits from analytics and have confidence that the promised ROIs will ever materialise and even when they do they are often years down the line.

The outcome is that for many retailers it is simply too high an effort and risk to implement something new and they stick with desktop spreadsheets and databases, linked into transaction records, sometimes visually enhanced with bespoke technologies.  This leads to poor and sub optimal analytics, and in many cases will result in poor business performance based on incorrect analysis. Notably, a recent survey reported that 88% of spreadsheets used in business decision making had significant errors.

Planixs Retail is a new cloud based service which offers the solution that retailers have been looking for.

The Planixs Retail analytic solution removes the compromises retailers have to make and offers the retail industry far better performance and greater sophistication than the traditional solutions, at an affordable price point.

  1. There is no technology to purchase, no infrastructure to build, no database to optimise, no dashboards and analytic reports to build and test, everything is provided as part of the service.
  2. There  is no need to employ new people, or allocate teams of IT developers or business analysts to build analytic reports, everything is done for the retailer as part of the service.
  3. It is quick and easy to get started, users access the analytics and reports via a standard web browser, industry standard secure IT protocols are used to transfer data, leading to rapid return on investment.
  4. Proven to cope with extremely high retail volumes and the ability to process hundreds of millions of transactions an hour with real time analytic outcomes.
  5. The one single platform provides the stability and robustness of the large big data database technologies, the analytical capabilities of the science and maths engines with the quality of visualisation provided by the specialist visualisation technologies.
  6. The solution operates on a pay as you go model, minimising commercial risk.
  7. The solution has decades of retail analytic expertise captured in the technology and delivered in the service provided.
  8. It is an analytic solution, included with the license fee Planixs Retail provide analytic consulting support to ensure that the retailer continues to gain value from their investment.

In summary, a change of philosophy and a new model is being born to provide retailers with the analytics they need at an affordable price point.

The Planixs Retail solution takes away the complexity and delivers affordable analytics quickly. For a retailer it is a positive change of philosophy from internal IT centres of excellence where IT project teams are responsible for building and deploying analytic infrastructure, to a new model where the analytic solutions are provided to users through an affordable and valuable service by a trusted team dedicated to the cause.

18 August 2014 – Planixs’ Realiti solution hits new Financial Services benchmark

Planixs announces that Realiti®, its real time intraday liquidity solution, has exceeded all expectation in the latest performance and volume benchmarks. Planixs’ real time intraday liquidity solution Realiti®, running on Planixs’ industry leading Big Data analytics platform Graphite, has delivered a world beating performance and volume benchmark.  Going up against the industry’s best and well-known…

15 July 2014 – Kevin Blackmore joins Planixs

Planixs are pleased to announce that Kevin Blackmore has joined Planixs as the lead of its new initiative into retail. Kevin has worked for 25 years in the retail industry focusing on analytics and scientific retailing software solutions.  He has worked for many of the largest retailers including most recently Best Buy where he was…