Real-time, unified data to identify and manage liquidity risks.
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As the ultimate guardians of liquidity risk, CFOs and Treasurers are always preparing for the unexpected. However, achieving pinpoint accuracy when you face an overwhelming volume of data scattered across disparate systems can feel like chasing a moving target.

“It’s all about accurate, real-time information presented to me in a way I can understand. Plus, the board of directors and the C suite need to be able to see that information in a way that is instantly understandable, and accessible. So they can then make appropriate decisions.” Moorad Choudhry, Chairman, DCRO Stakeholder Supervisory Board, Author, “The Principles of Banking”

90% of senior finance leaders say their key task in 2024 is to prepare their businesses for unforeseen events. Access to reliable data empowers you to understand and mitigate counterparty, correspondent, and issuer risks, while also tackling concentration risks within sectors.

Why you need real-time visibility to manage liquidity risk

Data fragmentation makes it hard to assess exposure risks. Preventing repercussions from issues elsewhere in the banking sector can also be challenging. Then there’s a pressing need to report internally and externally on your position and exposure. For example:

You can identify and manage exposure risk, particularly during the types of financial crises and sectoral collapses we’ve all seen. To make that happen, you need a formidable tool called Realiti, the ultimate liquidity management suite.
Realiti has proven its value to FS firms again and again. The suite allows you to look back, look forward, look now, and take action accordingly. For example:

1. It’s hard to see counterparty risks when data is fragmented

  1. We can show this data, and track any concerning trends, sourced from your banking systems in real time

3. We can then enhance analysis with third-party data – like prices, risk measures, and social media sentiment for a more comprehensive assessment of the health of your corresponding banks.

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Equip yourself for the unexpected with accurate, real-time data

The truth is that accurate visibility of liquidity risk isn’t optional. With real-time data, you can increase the predictability of cash, risk, and liquidity decisions and drive performance. Firms that use the Realiti suite gain:

Liquidity Monitoring – Simplify your financial management with a single dashboard that tracks liquidity metrics and market conditions, helping you identify and address emerging risks.

Risk Management – Realiti brings together both predicted and actual financial information, allowing you to prioritise risk mitigation strategies to manage exposures, payments, and collateral requirements.

Lead Indicators – Realiti allows you to bring in external data sources acting as lead indicators—such as credit default swap spreads, social media sentiment, and share prices—to help forecast and manage risks.

Advanced Payment Control – With Realiti, you can manage payments with ‘at-risk’ counterparts through strategic control measures, ensuring liquidity is maintained even under stress.

Stress Testing & AI-Enhanced Analytics – You can protect your firm with stress testing that assesses liquidity positions under adverse scenarios and uses AI to identify deviations from ‘normal’ patterns of settlement and exposure.

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Don’t guess, know

“As the use of real-time payment schemes expands, providing appropriate liquidity management and forecasting tools at an infrastructure level will become more and more important since liquidity needs will become greater and more complex, including during real-time gross settlement system (RTGS) closing hours when active liquidity management will not be possible.” — Hays Littlejohn, Chief Executive Officer, EBA CLEARING

Planixs remains the global leader in real-time liquidity management tools. Our suite of tools puts intelligent liquidity management practices in the hands of every financial institution. According to a client, it aggressively fends off the regulators, and it’s intentionally designed to help banks to automate compliance requirements while unlocking trapped liquidity and streamlining manual processes.

In short – don’t guess, know.

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