Planixs and Infor announce their successful partnering at Scotiabank to implement Realiti® and deliver real-time cash and liquidity management capabilities ensuring BCBS 248 regulatory compliance.

scotiabank goes live with realiti
Pete McIntyre, the liquidity expert

Written by Pete McIntyre

May 4, 2020

Working with their strategic go-to-market partner, Infor, Planixs have successfully implemented Realiti at Scotiabank to deliver new real-time cash and liquidity management capabilities for the bank. After being selected by Scotiabank last year, Planixs combined with Infor to meet the needs of the bank including providing greater insight into their foreign currency trading as they change their US Dollar clearing over to Bank of America, delivering on the bank’s BCBS 248 requirements from the Canadian regulator, OFSI, and focusing on reducing operational liquidity buffers.

“The Realiti intraday liquidity software sale at Scotiabank represents tremendous market potential for Infor in North America. The sales cycle was accelerated since Realiti is the only proven provider in this banking liquidity space. Additionally, the architecture of the solution made implementation remarkably nimble. A progression from deal signing to global go-live deployment was seen in just a few short months. Realiti aggressively fends off regulators and also drives a strong business value contribution–further enhancing the value for Scotiabank,” said Edward Medeiros, Managing Director, Group Liquidity & Global Cash Management, Scotiabank.

Neville Roberts, CEO of Planixs commented, “We are delighted in our partnership with Infor in delivering our market leading Realiti product to the global banking industry. Banks of all size and scale are realising the need to implement sound principles of liquidity reporting and realise the significant saving from operational buffer reduction. Our relationship with Infor enables us to deliver our Realiti product to all tiers of banks and ensure we can service their needs across the world.”

Realiti continues to be the leading real-time cash and liquidity management solution in the market with live implementations at global scale in the industry today, providing real-time insight into credit and liquidity usage. Its SaaS or on premise model, and high performance and scalable architecture means that it can be deployed with minimal intrusion to a bank’s infrastructure, rapidly delivering business value.

The Realiti solution allows financial organisations to consolidate millions of cash flows per hour, in real time, to ensure they have an accurate, up-to-date picture of cash balances across their settlement accounts, comparing projections to actual external balances, enabling real time matching capabilities and are able to control liquidity requirements and usage in real time. The ability to apply analytical science to this data provides intelligent insight to a bank’s treasury, risk and operations departments.

Since selecting Realiti’s core Intraday Liquidity Management application, Scotiabank has since signed up to deploy further add-on modules from the Realiti software suite, including Regulatory Reporting, Stress Testing and Funding and Forecasting. These modules will increase the functionality of the software, offering further added value and benefits for the bank.

About Planixs:

Planixs provides cloud-enabled solutions that power any Treasury in any industry to become real-time with rapid analytics, intraday control and agile liquidity. Realiti® from Planixs is a complete suite of modules that creates a real-time, liquidity-based view of the organisation and delivers instantaneous insights over vast data volumes with devotees across Funding, Liquidity, Compliance, Risk and beyond. Realiti’s clients include banks of all sizes, including G-SIBs such as Deutsche Bank and D-SIBs such as Scotiabank, NatWest and Lloyds Banking Group.

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