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Realiti Control

Achieve real-time cash visibility, optimise liquidity management, cut operational costs, ensure regulatory compliance, and streamline operations. All without the stress or eye-watering price of doing it yourself.

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The benefits of Realiti Control

The award-winning, cloud-enabled Realiti® Control suite helps global institutions and financial firms of all sizes including Santander, Lloyds Banking Group, NatWest and Scotiabank, to realise the full potential of their enterprise-wide liquidity.

As money moves faster and technologies like distributed ledger technology (DLT) become prevalent, real-time liquidity management is no longer ‘nice to have.’  With Realiti Control, you benefit from real-time, enterprise-wide 360° visibility of your liquidity landscape, and control over treasury activities in a single platform. You will benefit from:

effective cash visibility with realiti

Effective Cash Visibility  The Control suite offers direct and indirect cash account monitoring, real-time reconciliation, and accurate forecasts. This streamlines cash management, providing precise intraday balance profiles for enhanced liquidity planning.

smart payment management with realiti

Smart Payment Management  Utilising real-time liquidity data, Payment Control automatically delays low-priority payments when liquidity is low, prioritising high-priority transactions. This ensures optimal liquidity utilisation, releasing delayed payments when liquidity improves for dynamic payment gateway management.

intraday insight with realiti

Intraday Insight The suite creates intraday profiles, offering insights into typical client behavior. This aids end-of-day funding decisions and identifies opportunities to optimize client behaviour, promoting efficient resource use for the bank.

cross firm asset oversight with realiti

Cross-Firm Asset Oversight You can expand the intraday model to external securities, providing a holistic view of the firm’s assets. This means you can answer critical questions about asset location, valuation, and usability.

compliance driven data management with realiti

Compliance-Driven Data Management  Leveraging your data, you can ensure compliant reporting based on BCBS 248. Intraday stress modelling assesses the impact of changes, strengthening regulatory adherence and enhancing overall risk management.

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Built by experts with decades-deep banking experience, Realiti Control can be implemented in as little as 3 months. 

Realiti is the only system – consolidating cash and securities – that can handle the performance challenge of providing real-time data for firms with millions of transactions per hour across thousands of settlement accounts. It solves the silo problem.

You can select the most appropriate combination from Realiti’s suite of capabilities to meet your needs.

Cash Control

What it does
Is the heart of our solution. You can monitor all your direct and indirect cash accounts with data from account providers, and receive alerts for key balance thresholds.

Why firms like it
By integrating projected cash flows, Realiti Cash Control ensures real-time reconciliation against actual cash flows. You can forecast your liquidity profile, provide early warnings for liquidity issues and optimise your liquidity planning.

Payment Control

What it does
Utilises real-time liquidity information from Cash Control, collaborating with the bank’s payment gateways to hold back payments when liquidity drops to user-defined limits.

Why firms like it
Low-priority payments are throttled to conserve liquidity for high-priority ones. Once liquidity improves, low-priority payments are automatically released.

Client Control

What it does
Builds intraday profiles for client accounts, providing insight into typical client behaviour.

Why firms like it
This assists with end of day funding decisions and identifies clients whose intraday behaviour could be optimised for the good of the bank.

Securities Control

What it does
Extends the intraday model already established for cash to the securities held in depot accounts at external venues.

Why firms like it
You get a cross-firm view of the firm’s securities assets and answers to the following questions: what do we have, where is it, how much is it worth right now (including the impact of haircuts), is it available for me to use?

Regulatory Control

What it does
Uses the liquidity data generated in Cash Control to provide reports that comply with a range of regulatory agendas based on BCBS 248. 

Why firms like it
Intraday stress modelling allows you to apply stresses to your liquidity data and see impacts of changes to payment behaviours and restrictions on credit lines and collateral.

real-time liquidity management

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